alex rousseau death

alex rousseau death

When she saw Ben arrive back at the camp, she questioned him as to what happened, and where Locke was. ("Solitary")  ("Exodus, Part 1"), After this encounter, Ben took baby Alex back to the Others' camp. ...Charles Russeau, Laura Pete (born Russeau), Flaget Russeau, Lynus Russeau, Mable M. Dussia (born Russeau), Silas Russeau, Sarah Russeau, ... Mary Susan Rousseau (born Roy Dit Chatellereau), John Jerome Russeau, George William Rousseau, Charles Russeau, Laura Pete (born Russeau), Fladget J. Russeau, Dec 7 1839 - LaSalle, Monroe County, Michigan, USA, Joseph Rousseau, Marie Catherine Rousseau (born Monet), Adeline Russeau, Theophilus (Theophile) Rusoe, Octavia Marie Martin (born Rousseau), Joseph Russeau, Samuel Russeau, Joseph Rousseau, Marie Catherine Rousseau (born Monnet, Monette, Monet Dit Boismenu), Mary Maria Rousseau (born Roy Dit Chatellereau). Son of Joseph Rousseau and Catherine Rousseau When Danielle Rousseau arrived on the Island in 1988 she was seven months pregnant with Alex. is the leading provider of online obituaries for the newspaper industry. He also told her that the reason he locked Karl in a cage was that he didn't want him getting her pregnant. Alex is a character that appeared in Lost. 3.0, A lap utolsó módosítása: 2013. március 8., 19:22. Michael was gagged and stunned, so he could not respond. Sayid responded, "I'm sure that's what they told you", leaving Alex shocked and confused. ("Not in Portland"), In the facility, the trio found Karl in Room 23, strapped to a chair with goggles, forced to watch what looked like a brainwashing video. Megjegyzi, hogy a társai az ő ruháját adták rá és barátja, Karl felől érdeklődik. ...ete (born Russeau), Flagget J. Russeau, Lynus Albert Russeau, Mable Maria Dussia (born Russeau), Silas Alexander Russeau, Sarah Russeau, ... ... Charles Russeau, Laura Pete (born Russeau), Fladget J. Russeau, Lynus Albert Russeau, Mable Maria Dussia (born Russeau), Silas Alexander... Joseph Russeau, Marie Catherine Rousseau (born Monet Dit Boismenu), Theophilus Russeau, Oliver Russeau, Adeline Russeau, Octavia Marie Martin (born Russeau), Joseph Rousseau, Samuel Russeau, Dec 7 1839 - Lasalle, Monroe, Michigan, USA, Joseph Russeau, Marie Catherine Russeau (born Monet Dit Boismenu). When she was one week old, she was taken from her mother by Benjamin Linus, who raised her as an Other. Later the Others left Hydra Island. Alex told him to warn the survivors as soon as possible that the Others were coming. Claire started to resist, so Alex drugged her and dragged her out of the Staff, saying Claire would thank her one day. Birth As a result, after the launch of the canoe, Alex went back to the Hydra with Juliet. She also told Jack that Ben is her dad. Shortly after… She was raised among them, believing her mother to be dead. Shortly after, Danielle killed all the remaining members of the science expedition, including Alex's biological father Robert, claiming that they were sick. When she was one week old, she was taken from her mother by Benjamin Linus, who raised her as an Other. They freed Karl and ran to the nearest beach, where Alex's canoe was waiting for them. As Tom knocked on the door, Locke took Alex into a closet just before Tom and Richard Alpert entered. Alexandra "Alex" Rousseau is a recurring fictional character on the ABC television series Lost played by Tania Raymonde. Later, while the Others were back at the Barracks, Locke took Ben hostage. ("What They Died For"). Alex released Jack from his cage, and they ran to the operating room where Ben was being treated. After Ben failed to dissuade Jack from carrying out his plan and got beaten by Jack for seemingly having Sayid, Jin, and Bernard killed, Alex saw Danielle for the first time, and the bleeding Ben told Alex that Danielle was her mother. Négy nappal később, ismét a kőfejtőben, Alex csúzlival rátámad kettőre a „Többiek” közül. She told them she had a canoe that could get them off the Hydra island, but she would only help them if they would help her to rescue her boyfriend, whom Sawyer identified as Karl. As the attack commenced, Ben spent a few final moments with his daughter, showing that she was the one thing he really cared about. Alone, Danielle gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Alexandra. Ben stated that he would kill Widmore's daughter, Penelope Widmore, in retribution to make Widmore sorry that he "changed the rules". Almost a month after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Alex saw that the Others had captured a pregnant woman, who she later learned was Claire Littleton. The next day, Ben tried to talk to Alex in the jungle, but she ignored him, and Karl told him off. Alex Rousseau. Emotional, Ben thanks him. Alex (who lived in Ben's house and referred to him as "Dad") walked into Ben's room but was taken hostage by Locke. As quoted in Roots, by Alex Haley (1976), “Do I dare set forth here the most important, the most useful rule of all education? Afterwards, Alex listened to Ben's abrupt change of plans, and ran off to find her boyfriend, Karl.

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