aquatrax r12x top speed

aquatrax r12x top speed

2004 Honda AquaTrax® R-12X pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Black Hull with Metallic Blue Upper Deck. White Hull with Metallic Blue Upper Deck. year manufactured: 2004. Electronic keyless ignition system (ID mode) allows operator to select from 999 possible identification numbers to effectively deter unauthorized use. Crankshaft main bearings feature a micro-grooved bearing surface to improve oil retention and bearing durability as lateral loading occurs throughout a broad range of operating conditions. Engine power and pump characteristics are carefully matched for maximum performance without the use of power-robbing gear-reduction systems, moving the AquaTrax F-12 and F-12X to planing speed more rapidly than a conventional two-stroke watercraft—ideal for one, two- or three-person cruising, sport riding, skiing and wakeboarding. The hull shape yields a soft, smooth ride, but it also requires more power to accelerate the craft, power provided by the strong engine. A specially designed crankcase breather system featuring three breather chambers prevents oil from flowing out of the engine or clogging the breather system if the hull is accidentally overturned. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2004 Honda AquaTrax® R-12X use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this PWC to other 2-Passenger PWCs. Dry-sump design allows the engine to be mounted low in the hull, resulting in a very low center of gravity that contributes to the AquaTrax’s exceptional handling performance. The fully sealed fuel system is leak-free and vapor-free, eliminating the possibility of water contamination. An ECU-controlled off-throttle steering system (OTS) is provided to help the AquaTrax turn in certain conditions when the handlebars are turned and the throttle is closed. propulsion type: power Hand-operated controls include right-handlebar-mounted trigger-type throttle-control operated by pulling the trigger back to increase engine speed and by releasing the trigger to return engine speed to idle; sealed stop and start buttons on the left handlebar; and a reverse lever faired into the upper-left shelter. The Honda AquaTrax F-12X performs well and it’s very stable even when it encounters waves up to 2-4 foot. Iridium-tip spark plugs produce maximum spark performance and minimal carbon build-up for consistent engine operation and long spark plug life. The turbine bearing is an enclosed, ceramic-ball design that withstands sustained high-rpm compressor operation while providing nearly vibration- and friction-free performance. took out my honda aquatrax for a early Sunday morning cruise and these thing never disappoint. Purpose-built, marine-duty 1235cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected inline four-cylinder four-stroke engine delivers amazing power across a broad rpm range. make / manufacturer: Honda This ski jet remains very stable at high speed with several people on it. 165 hp and plenty of torque for a strong acceleration. If oil pressure drops below the optimum level, the ICS limits engine speed to 3000 rpm. Air-intake system features an intake port mounted centrally in the hull and a labyrinth airbox construction with paper air filter. Oil pump is driven by the alternator, further contributing to the engine’s lightweight design.

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