argumentative essay on gender inequality in sports

argumentative essay on gender inequality in sports

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. Also some of women’s events are bringing in more of an audience than some of mens events. Which should result in equal pay. 1st Jan 1970 Sociology Reference this Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. The dominant group, in this case male, are seen as the norm for sports. There was nearly a riot on Sunday when the men made it into the final four, but you haven’t seen many people rejoicing in the streets of UCONN when the women advance. In essence, BMI serves as a tool for determining body composition as an …, Continue reading “Sample Nutrition Paper on Body Mass Index (BMI)”. That is more than 4 times as much as the women earned winning the tournament. Apa 1 page essay format, essay on importance of sports in one's life, video essay for college application jealousy in othello essay.Good introduction discussion essay. The way that you include statistics and quotes goes to show that you know what you are talking about and that you know how to write a paper. When you go through how sports are overly sexualized you make great points. I am a huge sports fan so it is needless to say I was very interested in your topic. Any gender equality argumentative essay topics must touch on women and how they make the world go round, literary. In women’s sports women train just as much as men and play the same amount of games as men. I enjoy your first body paragraph discussing how advertisement overly sexualize the sport clothing or equipment. Historically, athletics were a male-dominated part of life, women in athletics aren’t treated the same as men. Sports will continue to grow especially because of today’s advancements in technology. I like the way you emphasize that the stem of athletic stereotypes is gender in the sports field; this strengthens your thesis and shows why this subject is so important to talk about. When a man or women joins a sport that is not originally for their gender, it is not something that many people want to accept. Like you mentioned, men have more aggression than women. in fact, most girls have a huge advantage over guys in martial arts in general, since flexibility is so important, and the only guys that are able to match even a below average girl’s flexibility are the ones that have been practicing for years. The decision was also reached in haste because most of the boards that oversee sports are dominated by men as either officials and/or members. I liked how you brought up cheerleading and connected it to your life while staying in context with the paper. You have a lot of really strong arguments for your essay! The game speed is much faster and the skill levels of male athletes are phenomenal compared to females. Not only has sports vastly changed but so have social norms around the United States, roughly half of what a US Men’s soccer player earns. Women sports are not talked about nearly as much as mens’ sports and most people do not even consider women to be athletic when compared to men. 1571 Words7 Pages. I thought your introduction was very strong and I liked that you put your thesis at the end of the introduction. People who persist in such ideas feel that since women cannot perform to the same physical standards as men, they do not deserve the same support. I liked how you talked about how the media influences the issue of gender inequality in sports. The male in the household still has more freedom for athletic and leisure pursuits, due to the longstanding ideology that women are the housekeepers. In this essay, we shall discuss existing examples of gender inequality in sports. And there is a lack of inspirational and positive stories about the triumph of female athletes. In Ancient Olympics, competitive sports were masculine affairs. Nearly all of the stereotypes surrounding sports stem from sexuality. In competition, its split that way and by belt colour for fights. In 2013 WNBA players’ salaries started at $37,950 a year and maxed out at $107,500. Of course, equity is still not a reality in terms of facilities, programs, funding, and media coverage. Furthermore, the stereotypical representations of the males may lead females to focus on their difference from the ‘norm’ and lose belief in their own abilities and equal rights to sports. Where the U.S mens national team took 11th in the tournament and brought home $9 million. Even though it is against the law, many colleges and sports associations still give unfair benefits to men’s sports, such as more opportunities, better fields, higher salaries, etc, and are not getting punished for, Should there be a gender gap in sport? They are a practical way to improve athletic stance and stability, so the fact that society objectifies women volleyball players or dancers because they wear skimpy outfits, again, creates a form of inequality. It is also important that you realize that women are not the only ones who are discriminated against, when talking about sports. Guys wear pads and jerseys in football, girls wear skirts and tops in cheerleading. With including the history and explaining the change over time, it creates a great timeline for the audience to consider. In your conclusion, you could try to wrap up the whole idea that the sexual inequality in sports and sports team is still happening in today’s society, harming our perception of women all together. While males compete to show their prowess, women were prohibited to even watch competitions, much less compete. Gender Inequality in Sports However, gender ideologies about the general role of men and women in society are still hampering the progress of women in sport today. Therefore, female athletes should be able to play any sport they want with male athletes. There has recently been an increase to the number of unsold seats for the women’s World Cup and a lack of television ratings compared to the male professional soccer players. What are the social and cultural costs and benefits of an individual (male or female) entering a non-traditional sport for their gender/sex (e.g. Your introduction does just that. The movement has also emphasized that women’s lives are enriched when they develop themselves physically and intellectually. Counteracting this, men are also questioned when they play what is traditionally thought of as a women’s sport. Women still today strive to have men and women’s sports equal, and there are many reasons that prove women deserve everything that men do. In today's society, particularly in the United States, an individual entering a non-traditional sport for his/her gender takes on many tasks besides playing the sport, the individual also takes on the criticism (good or bad), Gender discrimination in the sports industry has always been a controversial topic.

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