barnes ttsx expansion test

barnes ttsx expansion test

Firearm manufacturers are working on standardizing these dimensions. OP. E-mailed Barnes customer service a few days ago asking this reply yet. Corrosion begins only when a bore coated with CR-10 is left exposed to air. I've never had to really track an animal so I'm not complaining. Barnes TSX, TTSX, and LRX share the same all-copper design resulting in virtually 100% weight retention. Is the 168-grain .30-caliber TSX the same as the 165-grain TSX? However, the VARMIN-A-TOR features a thin tapered jacket with scored nose, wrapped around the highly explosive DETON-A-TOR™ lead core. Because of the Varmint Grenade's gilding metal jacket and copper-tin composite core construction, this bullet produces the best accuracy results when seated off the lands and grooves .020". What is the difference between the VARMIN-A-TOR™ and the Varmint Grenade®? Phone: (435) 856-1000 Will your TSX Bullets foul my barrel quicker than the other bullets I’ve been using? Will the Expander MZ work in my smokeless-powder muzzleloader? Additionally, all three designs feature the Accu-groove™ technology which provides the shooter with decreased fouling and improved accuracy. SAKO75 OP. View Full Version : Barnes 100 Gr TTSX expansion. Plastic tips tend to over come this somewhat. Your email address will not be published. These are all-copper X Bullets. Sometimes, the air you 'let in'matters less than the air you 'let out'. Probably what would be expected, faster is better with the mono bullets. Does the TMZ’s polymer tip provide better expansion? Heavy caliber bullets (.375 and up) for large game require a heavy crimp, as do most revolver and lever-rifle loads. Posts: 4,742. While lead-core bullets expand into a relatively smooth mushroom shape, the frontal section of the TSX peels back to form four sharp-edged copper petals. Lower impact velocity and lesser mushrooming of the bullet, can clearly be seen from the cavitation. I never tried then into dry newsprint or dry phone books. OP. A little off topic, but they look about the same from the other end of the velocity spectrum. They simply can't open as readily when the speeds get lower. How does Barnes determine ballistic coefficient values? You can expect good working at the wide velocity range and with exellent penetration. Or if the 150 ttsx would expand about the same at 1900 fps. No luck. I decided to try more power. The Spit-Fire design is slightly easier to load than the original Expander MZ bullet. We recovered one bullet from the 450 yard chest shot, which reached the hide on the far side. I`ve shot it to 600, very accurate, and blows water jugs to bits, but could I expect realiable expansion from say 350-500 yrds. The result is considerably less damage to valuable pelts. We want to give our thanks to our reader who sent these .375″ Barnes TSX 270gr bullets for us to test in our Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab. C.S.A. Can I expect copper fouling when using TSX Bullets? Problem solved. My guess is that the expansion would be similar. About right. Test targets were the wet newspapers. Yes, they will. Like they say on their homepage: “Barnes’ TSX Bullet Features include all-copper construction, no fragmentation, rapid expansion, 28% deeper penetration than lead-core bullets, and maximum weight retention.”, “Barnes TSX, TTSX, and LRX share the same all-copper design resulting in virtually 100% weight retention. Thanks again Guys...did get a reply from Barnes...with the info provided they suggest 725 yrds max for reliable expansion. They're very good bullets when they work well; speed helps them work. I guess I just need to make sure the animal is on the muzzle side of 2000 ft/second. By reloading you can push it even higher velocities and adjust desired impact velocity for example to the 50 meters. I can't explain that. If it has been sitting for a while, you may shake it up and use it without any problems. Because our TSX Bullets are solid copper and have a specially engineered nose cavity, it is nearly impossible for them not to expand. Think of a bullet shot into water as an over expansion scenario. Because accurate BC values are important, particularly for long-range shooting, Barnes fires each bullet under tightly controlled laboratory conditions. Whenever a new Barnes rifle bullet is introduced, its ballistic coefficient (BC) is determined by rigorous testing. We measured the impact velocities ca. Barnes has made slight changes to the geometry of many of its bullets, most notably in the shape of the ogive. The .375 200-grain Original bullet is intended for the .375 Winchester; the cannelure ring would be in the wrong place to properly seat the bullet in a .38/55 rifle. Yes, in most instances TSX Bullets will completely penetrate deer-sized game. The ammonia in CR-10 will react with the copper in your barrel to create a blue residue. Probably what would be expected, faster is better with the mono bullets. Toll-Free: (800) 574-9200 So a simple question: what's the minimum velocity these bullets require for adequate expansion? However, because these bullets do not expand, shot placement is vitally important. Our Solids do not expand. Ammonia attracts moisture, which in turn causes the clean steel to rust very quickly. About right. Can XPB pistol bullets be used in my muzzleloading rifle? Bore Rider bullets are intended only for custom-throated .50 BMG Rifles. The latter made for some tiresome tracking jobs in briar thickets. Ballistic tests in gelatin show good bullet expansion within the first inch of penetration. Thicker copper jackets are one way to slow or control expansion. Because TSX Bullets retain nearly 100 percent of their original weight and penetrate so deeply, many shooters select a lighter-weight X-Bullet or TSX in place of a heavier conventional bullet. Deer went about 25 yrds. For example, our .50 caliber MZ bullet may be too tight for a .495″ bore, and fit too loosely in a .504″ bore. Sometimes, the air you 'let in'matters less than the air you 'let out'. So, over 3k and under 400, or if further, a shoulder shot. The 140 and the 100 gr TSX is about 2000 fps, the 210 gr TTSX is 1800 fps as per Dave. This is covered in Volume II of the 6.5 Grendel Reloading Handbooks on Page 49. Barnes' Banded Solids feature deep crimping grooves that prevent bullet movement under the heaviest recoil, yet allow sure feeding in bolt-action rifles. Remember to follow the directions, which advise not leaving CR-10 in the bore for more than 15 minutes. Dr. Ken Oehler, of Oehler Research, Inc., suggests that BC values will probably predict trajectories at twice the distance over which the BC value was originally measured. Posts: 4,742. Why are the loads in your manual compressed? So I'm shooting 120 grain TTSX and 140 grain Barnes X bullets from my 7mm-08. Rhino Solid Shank – .458″ – 300gr – Bullet test, .308″ hunting bullet test day! Should you adjust your sights when switching from TSX bullets to Banded Solids? I've been hunting with the Grendel and 100 Gr TTSX for 3 years now. One end of the aligner tool is the same diameter as the nose of our MZ bullet, and the other end is threaded to fit the tip of your ramrod. Every rifle is different. SAKO75 OP. Recommended twist rates are as follows: .45 195 Up to 1:30" .50 250 Up to 1:32" .50 300 Up to 1:28" * Occasionally, a 1:28″ twist won’t be fast enough. Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. This is attributed to the high weight retention and superior expansion design X- and TSX Bullets feature. Hours: Mon-Thurs 7:30am-5:00pm (MST) – Barnes, Hornady, Lapua, Norma, Sako & Red Moose, Fox Bullets Classic Hunter – .366″ – 250gr – Bullet test, North Fork – .458″ – 300gr FP – Bullet test, Sako Powerhead Blade 162gr – 308win Factory cartridge – Bullet test. For greater than 350 yards, the Berger Bullets or the Sierras are much better for their long range rotational expansion characteristics given the sectional density medium and the ogive of their high ballistic coefficient bullets and design for spin with greater twist rate barrels as a function of weight and velocity.

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