below deck mediterranean season 1 episode 3

below deck mediterranean season 1 episode 3

After earning the Lead Deckhand title in season 2, Malia returns as Captain Sandy's first female Bosun, a role she hopes to grow into while commanding respect from her all-male deck team. After surviving the charter, Hannah is rewarded with a Second Stew, but she quickly realizes the newest addition to her team may be more than she bargained for. With Kiko off the boat, Captain Sandy struggles to find a suitable replacement. With Hannah's back against the wall, Captain Sandy faces a difficult decision that could change the trajectory of The Wellington. Join Chef Ben Robinson and eight new crew members as they prepare the Ionian Princess, for a new charter season around the Greek Islands. Captain Sandy's Yachtrageous Moments 2020, Shot Through the Heart, and Ibiza's to Blame, June 2019 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, June 2020 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows. New charter guests come aboard to celebrate their seven-month dating anniversary, and the crew must provide the romantic trip of their lives. And a surprise complaint forces Captain Sandy to issue an ultimatum. Jess confronts Aesha over the guests' group photo, while the rest of the boat races to mitigate the impending damage. Error: please try again. After the crew pulls off a beach BBQ without a hitch, Ben is tasked with making American S'mores in Greece. While Jess deals with a scary medical condition, Rob draws Malia's ire by continuing to underperform on deck. Ben and Tiffany take their flirtation to the next level, unbeknownst to Hannah. Andy Cohen hosts Below Deck Mediterranean Reunion Part Two. Andy Cohen hosts Below Deck Mediterranean Reunion Part One. And during a wild crew night out in Ibiza, one relationship deepens while another goes off the rails. Bosun Bryan gets an unexpected promotion, while chief steward Hannah has her hands full with her ambitious third stew. Rob and Jess struggle to reconcile after a disastrous fight, while Aesha comes to grips with the end of her yachting career. Hannah and Ben redefine their relationship, while Bobby realizes he can't shut off his feelings for Julia. After the crew's first night off, Hannah puts her foot down when Bobby and Danny bring girls back to the yacht. The Guests Compare Adam Glick's Dinner to Dog Food, The Real Housewives of Potomac After Show. And when Bryan confronts Jen, she finally stands up to him. Episode List. Join the Captain as she shares her most Yachtrageous memories. Julia calls her boyfriend, while Bobby's feelings for her grow stronger. Meanwhile, a guest request sends a sleep-deprived Tom over the edge. Meanwhile, returning chief stew Hannah enters her eighth season in yachting and finds herself at a crossroads on whether she should continue her yachtie life or look to settle down and start a family. 10. When the first charter guests of the season arrive full of demands and criticisms about the food and service, Sandy quickly wonders whether she made a mistake bringing back Adam and Hannah. Upon their exit, the bachelors anoint Danny as the charter MVP, much to the chagrin of Bobby and Bryan. Hannah confronts Bugsy about their past, while Rob and Jess find their budding relationship threatened by a new revelation. A blast from the past returns amidst a massive thunderstorm that threatens to keep The Wellington docked for their next charter. In the galley, Kiko finds himself up against guests that are less than satisfied. Tom looks to clear his final hurdle, as Alex hopes to leave things with Bugsy on a positive note. A speedo-clad Bugsy prepares a naughty-themed evening for the guests, while managing the fallout of cucumber-gate. And after staying up all night with the Primary's husband, Tiffany breaks down after Hannah confronts her for not finishing her duties. Here's a look at what cast members Danny Zureikat, Julia d'Albert Pusey, Bobby Giancola are up to four years after the first season of Bravo's Below Deck Med aired. Andy Cohen hosts Below Deck Mediterranean Reunion Part Two. Tom becomes incensed over a provisioning mishap, while Malia and Bugsy struggle to manage the fallout. On a guest excursion into Valldemossa, Rob and Jess up the ante in their relationship. Baseball legend Johnny Damon returns to charter in Ibiza, putting pressure on Tom to rectify the Damons' poor experience with the food they were served last season. A group photo with Rob and Aesha sends Jess over the edge. After a tumultuous night in Ibiza, Rob and Jess struggle to reconcile. Another charter season in the Mediterranean gets under way as Captain Sandy Yawn and the crew of Motor Yacht Talisman Maiton cruise the legendary Italian coast. And, when a nearby vessel begins to sink, the Ionian Princess crew has to spring into action to help save it. 6. Meanwhile, Kiko is pushed to the limit by a group of new guests whose requests are incredibly demanding. The demanding charter guests extend their stay, and Hannah puts on her best stew face to regain their trust. Current Episode ... (aired 26 Oct. 2020) Reunion Part 2. After back-to-back charters, the Ionian Princess Crew finally enjoys a much deserved day off until Bryan decides to give Danny a lesson in deckie etiquette. Fresh faces present new challenges as the crew learns to work and live together while preparing to welcome their first guests. Trying to meet the guests' one non-negotiable, they run into an unforeseen obstacle: streaming a live football game in the middle of the Mediterranean. After struggling through the first day of charter, Kiko fights to regain his footing with a demanding set of charter guests. Meanwhile, an unexpected injury threatens to upend the rest of the charter season. 9. Rate. Captain Sandy and Malia draw a hard line with the deck team when they call the guys out for their questionable behavior. And Bobby's plan to bring a date back on the boat backfires. The second charter kicks off when guests with ties to the music industry arrive, but unforeseen circumstances immediately put the Wellington crew behind the eight ball. Meanwhile, Tiffany's feelings for Ben increase, while Bobby continues to be sidelined by Julia. Hannah's migraine explodes when the charter guests bring back a large group of girls on board. Bugsy grapples with a new challenge, while Malia worries about Tom's ability to navigate a chaotic first charter. And on the morning of the final charter, a big mistake leaves a crew member ready to walk off the boat. Captain Sandy and Kiko find themselves at a crossroad after a critical dinner, while Hannah fights to maintain control under the weight of a stressful season. On a crew night out, Alex reveals his feelings to Bugsy while Hannah struggles to connect with the group. Chef Adam returns and is ready to redeem himself with Sandy after nearly getting fired last season, and he’s determined to stay in the galley and out of love triangles. After weeks of building frustration, the girls band together to confront their First Mate Bryan. Rate. And Benâ€TMs friendship with Hannah deepens when he confides in her about his deep-seated issues. A … After hours, the charter guests seem to have a threesome in the jacuzzi and once again, Danny is in hot water for overstepping his boundaries. Romance is in bloom on the crew's first night out of the season, as Pete makes his move while Rob and Jess find themselves connecting on a deeper level. Danny breaks yachtie rule number one and drama ensues. Captain Sandy and her crew are back in this half-hour special featuring the best and worst moments from four seasons sailing the Mediterranean. And, when an all-male bachelor charter group comes on board, Danny and Bobby are tasked with finding the guests arm candy in Mykonos. Meanwhile, Julia closes the door on Bobby reminding him she's in a committed relationship. Tensions run high between Captain Sandy and Chef Tom, while Jess becomes wary of Aesha. As the last charter comes to an end, Captain Sandy reckons with a chaotic season while the few remaining chips continue to fall. June 2019 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, June 2020 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows.

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