blackthorn arena builds

blackthorn arena builds

Unleash rage (can max out the above skills at this point). I know this goes verse the “your defenders in heavy armor need to be dwarves” thing people are saying but the reality is that a tall human is going to survive things a small dwarf won’t with the exact same equipment and stats, I have tested this multiple times to the point where I have stopped using dwarfs since the negatives out weigh the -2 weight debuff difference too heavily, all the problems plus you miss out on 5 skill. Harmonious weld Champion Gloves Commander (leave at 1 till end if you want), First aid (fill in shield strike and defender after this), Duelist (leave at 1 till end if you want), Berzerker (leave at 1 no point going higher), Shield knock OR challenge (either works, SK is aoe but shorter, CH is longer but single targ). The only downside to headbutt is that is can sometimes miss due to low range, it can also be blocked & dodged so shield strike is still your main damage dealer here. ~Targe>kite>round for low level, Skills (in order) ~Huge HeadButt since headbutt’s damage is based upon Tenacity, you can use it alot like we’re using shield strike above, instead of block, its tenacity! Your going to run 2-3 archers and a taunt tank. Not only does it do big damage on a tank like this due to your large tenacity, but it also stuns for 2 secs!

~Stonelike adds 50% of block rate to your tenacity so that makes it extremely important for headbutt, however if your not using headbutt you could remove stonelike along with headbutt to try alternative builds ~ I do not advise this for your first attempt however, ~Supress Anger is good for keeping your stamina up, however with my endgame builds it doesn’t seem totally needed in alot of situations since you have alot of stamina gain elsewhere.. you could easily pull this from the build if you find yourself not needing it, however remember the more you block the more stamina you burn, so if you have unlimited stamina you can 1v4, so the more stamina recovery you have the more intense situations you can survive.

Aim for this first than after this you have 2 directions: 1) You can add Perc for extra crit chance (That damage baby!)

They are not hard lvl 10-15 but you will want a full team with a good commander tank. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Secret Weapon Combos Guide, Wasteland 3 Guide for Starter (Effective Builds, Skill Point Farm), Chemically Bonded 100% Walkthrough & Achievement Guide, Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia 100% Walkthrough & Achievement Guide, Sakura Gamer 2 100% Walkthrough & Achievement Guide, Simply Puzzles: Codewords Full Level Completion Achievements.

Why humans? Note: you can also run without this skill if you find your dying due to using it. So why Human if everybody says Dwarf? Blackthorn Arena: Short Guide For Current Version. You can add Perc for extra crit chance (that damage baby!)

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