bug fables medals

bug fables medals

Boosts enemy strength, but gain more XP and bonus rewards from bosses, Defeats enemies below your level upon contact on the overworld, Enemies on the overworld stay frozen longer, Super blocks stop one additional point of damage to equipped ally, Accessible after "Cable Car Bodyguard" riding the lift up, Purchasable from Shades (4 crystal berries), Ally in the back gains an additional point of defense, Golden Hills, one screen west, and one north, then behind a bush on the far west side, Heal 2 HP to all allies after winning a battle, Equipped ally's basic attack ignores one more point of defense, Reduces an ally's chance of receiving all bad status effects by 50%, Reduces an ally's chance of falling asleep by 50%, Equipped ally wont be woken up by attacks, takes half damage while asleep, and heals an additional 2 to 6 HP per turn while asleep, Reduces an ally's chance of being frozen by 50%, Equipped ally takes half damage while frozen, direct attacks while frozen have a chance to freeze enemy, Lost Castle, behind a crack in the west room, Reduces an ally's chance of being numbed by 50%, Reduces an ally's chance of being poisoned by 50%, Equipped ally gains 1 defense while poisoned, Snakemouth Depths, in the room with the large door and two paths, in a small ruin, Equipped ally has -1 defense, but heals every turn while poisoned. It only has one non-poisoning move, that being a basic bite attack. Bug Fables Trophy Guide By ... Medals are the badge equivalents from Paper Mario, and like the badges give a variety of buffs, new skills, and bonus effects among others. Beat Carmina in the underground tavern at Spy Cards. Interact with the large painting in the Ant Palace's library. Having Break on Leif will also aid VI due to her middling ability to deal with defense. Arrive on Metal Island, either by submarine or paying the captain at the Bugaria Outskirts docks. I think I got all medals from the hive during boss rush already so I'm not doing mini boss rush. Access to the Card Tournament on Metal Island, winning that give a crystal berry, Card Trophy, and 150 berries every win. I'm putting my medal list in a spoiler down below as well as what I done to hopefully rule out a few things. Speak to Malbee in the overseer's office, then go ride the tram to the pump room. Hard Charge with Kabbu and give Vi a Spicy Fries, then next turn, relay the hard charge to her and her Tornado/Hurricane toss will do 45 damage in one move against no defense enemies, plus giving her more turns to make it even higher, and then keep spamming hard charge-relays and spicy fries to heal/attack boost Vi. To cross the mushroom patch stand under specific mushrooms to light them up and follow the direction the spores fly. (Chapter 6), Interact with the stain glass window on the far left in the Ant Queen's chambers. There's one Mender in the pump room, one in the southwest corner of the large room east of the pump room, and one in the room northeast of the large room. If combined with Life Cast, only 1/4 damage is healed. It is available on Steam, PS4, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. Go to Metal Island and speak to Bumble. The tail has 10 HP (7 on normal) and 1 defense, and when defeated the head will become stunned for two turns, and do nothing, giving you good time to do easy damage to the head. quest). There are a few medals that are commonly missed. Then Shay in the Defiant Root's commercial district. After clearing the Lost Castle, you'll gain this trophy.

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