cid army mos

cid army mos

The skills you learn will help prepare you for a career with federal, state and local law enforcement.

You could earn up to $40,000 in cash bonuses just for enlisting under certain Military Occupational Specialties. For more information about Army CID, visit This position requires previous Military experience and a Secret security clearance. This position requires previous Military experience and a Secret security clearance. This position provides skills that could be used in federal, state, and local law enforcement. Army MOSs that Fall into the Law Enforcement Career Field, Army and Marine Criminal Investigator Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More, How To Join The Military Police In The Marine Corps, Law Enforcement Jobs in the United States Military, Learn About Federal Agent Positions Like the FBI, ATF and More, Marine Corps Job: MOS 5803 – Military Police Officer, Here Is What to Know About Army Military Police Training, Coast Guard Investigative Service Special Agent Careers, What to Know about the Army Military Police. Army Criminal Investigations Special Agents (MOS 31D) are responsible for investigating crime scenes for matters involving the Army and Army assets.

They handle felony-level crimes that involve Army property and Army personnel. This position is open to in-service soldiers with between 2 and 10 years of military experience.

(31E), Conducts independent felony-level criminal investigations; General and Economic Crimes, and Counter-Drug Operations, Processes crime scenes and collects evidence, Conducts interviews or interrogations of complainants, victims, witnesses and subject, Completed Basic Leader Course (formerly known as the Warrior Leader Course), 60 semester hours or more from an accredited institution, Skilled Technical (ST) score of 107 or higher, General Technical (GT) score of 110 or higher, Consistently meet the height and weight standards prescribed in AR 600-9 and consistently pass the Army Physical Fitness Test, Ability to deploy worldwide, have no physical limitations and normal color vision, Valid driver’s license and favorable driving record, At least one year of military police experience or two years civilian police experience (requirement for reserve soldiers only), Willingness to perform potentially dangerous work, Bachelor's degree or higher in: Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Computer Science, Computer Forensics, Digital Forensics, Legal Studies, Accounting, Finance, Psychology or Biology, Normal color vision (no exception to policy authorized), No physical limitations and no history of mental or emotional disorders, Suitable character, integrity, reputation, sobriety, discretion, and stability as established by a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI). In addition to the base pay above, individuals will be given benefits and compensation opportunities. Is Gang Activity Increasing in the U.S. Military? Previous special agents enjoy the work that they do and discuss how rewarding it can be when their work leads to a conviction. Major installations such as Forts Bragg, Benning, Hood, and Lewis each offer rewarding CID intern opportunities for dynamic Soldiers. If you are a college graduate interested in joining the Active Army and having a career as a federal law enforcement officer, you may be interested in the CID Direct Accessions Program. Check out the requirements below and begin the application process at the CID Application Processing Portal (DoD Network/Common Access Card access only). For additional information, contact CID Reserve Affairs at 571-305-4406. Once in the Criminal Investigations Special Agent position, there are opportunities to apply and attend training for specialized fields. Applicants must complete the 31B military police one station unit training (OSUT) and the CID special agent course (CIDSAC). The base pay table below gives an idea of what the base pay might look like for this MOS. CID special agents are responsible for investigating or supervising investigations of felony-level criminal allegations or offenses against Army personnel or property. CID special agents are primarily responsbile for conducting criminal investigations in which the Army is, or may be, a party of interest. College is required (in most situations) ... Any MOS is a path to CID. With college being one of the biggest obstacles to getting into CID, any MOS that will give you close to 60 college credits is your best bet if you join out of high school. Visit for the complete list of requirements and instructions to begin your application. The CID Special Agent supervises or conducts investigations of incidents and … Think of the Tom Cruise and Demi Moore characters in the movie "A Few Good Men" (although note that they were Marines, not Army).

Like a police detective, they'll interview witnesses, question suspects and collect and analyze both forensic evidence and criminal intelligence.

CID special agents are primarily responsible for conducting criminal investigations in which the Army is, or may be, a party of interest. Successful applicants must complete 31B Military Police One Station Unit Training (OSUT) and the CID Special Agent Course (CIDSAC). This position has more requirements than some other positions in the Army. Your email address will not be published. It can be potentially dangerous work, and the crime scenes that you will investigate can sometimes have unfavorable content. For more information about Army CID, visit Some investigators also have the opportunity to receive advance law enforcement training at the FBI National Academy, the Canadian Police College, and George Washington University where they can earn a master's degree in Forensic Science. Click Here to learn more about our organization. Due to the nature of work required of CID Special Agents, strict qualification must be met prior to application. A list of all US Army MOS (Military Occupation Specialities) with links to detail pages for each. CID special agents are primarily responsible for conducting criminal investigations in which the Army is, or may be, a party of interest.

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