crew cab square body interior

crew cab square body interior

Once everything was filled, sanded and prepped, Corbin took everything up to his work (he works at an auto body shop) and painted the truck a custom pearl white with Dupont’s new water based paints. There isn’t much space and most people who do a conversion just push the grill out or don’t run one at all. Once the rolling chassis was done, Miller installed the engine. To send power to the front and rear, a NP205 transfer case was used, but it features the extreme duty bearings for a little extra insurance. Example: Yes, I would like to receive emails from Squarebody Syndicate. Well, we are happy to say that it is done (as much as any project will ever be) and here is his story!

When we meet up with Miller at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza we also met his good friend and painter, Mike Corbin.

Then Corbin shaved the marker lights off the fenders, shaved the antenna and filled the original mirror holes. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. It is funny to think that this was an old SWAT truck. He did paint it and fill it with lots of goodies. For the past couple of years, Eric Miller, out of Iowa, has been building his dream truck. In addition to all new gauges, the truck would be awful to ride in during the summer if it didn’t have some ice cold air. Not only are these larger, they are adjustable. For the rotating assembly, they opted for Mahle Marine pistons, but opted to stay with the 12-valve rods and crank. (You can unsubscribe anytime), For any questions, COPYRIGHT © 2020 SQUAREBODY SYNDICATE.

This is one of the cleanest square body pickups that I have run across that wasn’t a full blown show truc. “I called Eric up one night and asked him if I could fill the holes in the fender panel,” said Corbin. I know everyone has different tastes, the vehicle you drive is an expression of your personality and nobody is the same. In 1973 & 1974 Squarebody trucks were offered with 4 different trim levels for the interior. These are very rugged seats that can handle a lot of abuse. Miller opted to use a set of heated and powered King Ranch seats out of a Ford F-150 for the interior. The first thing he did was strip everything down to the frame. Once the cage was installed, Miller went to work with Dynamat. “It may be an old truck but it still has a lot wiring with all the newer technology,” Miller said. I wanted a torque monster with fast spool up,” smiled Miller. No matter the cab type or model year, we’ll help you find what you need at a competitive price. Due to the unusual combination of parts, Miller had to custom make his exhaust. The steering wheel was a gift from his wife! See more ideas about Crew cab, Chevy trucks, Gm trucks.
All rights reserved. Miller had previously owned quite a few cars, but never a truck. Next, he installed the dash, which is factory. He has posted a few videos on Facebook and has a build thread on the On the exhaust side of things, a PDI 3-piece exhaust manifold serves as the base for a BorgWarner S300 with a 62-mm high pressure turbocharger, which is fed by a BorgWarner S400 with a 74-mm compressor wheel. Receive the latest newsletter with the content you love from Diesel Army, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! They laughed and joked that there was only about a foot on each side of the cab in his garage for Corbin to work. © 2017 Power Automedia. The heads were fire ringed and 60-lb valve springs were installed along with titanium guides. Interior. USA1 has put together an interior kit giving you the option to pick different available product combinations. Once the cage was installed, Miller went to work with Dynamat.

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