cruising the cut david johns

cruising the cut david johns

About David. So it’s not a retrofit option but I wouldn’t object to one on another boat. Happy to see Season 2 starting! Hireboaters are not allowed to usually, under the terms of their hire. Why don’t you have a generator? A very special trip on the narrowboat as David reaches the Anderton Boat Lift, an amazing feat of Industrial Revolution engineering, restored some 15 years ago. Plus the supermarkets often react badly to people filming in them. This website has ads on it from Google; that also earns a few pounds each month. What’s your name and what’s your background?I’m David Johns. I have put together a (short) list with links of some of the best known hire firms but this does not constitute a recommendation: click here to see the list, What about a route, can you recommend one for us when hiring?Again, alas no. Why don’t you fit a wind turbine?They’re quite costly, apparently make a lot of vibration noise throughout the boat, and don’t generate a huge amount of power. The name must be displayed on the side of the boat as well, but it’s on the licence so as long as you’re showing that you’re probably OK.The boat name does not have to be unique. Unfortunately I cannot as I have never used any of the rental companies myself so I can’t in good conscience recommend any. Was this review helpful to you? Thus at the height of summer, the panels might provide sufficient motive power as it was used but none to recharge the batteries as well.At any other time, you’d have to let the panels charge the batteries for longer such that in spring and autumn it could easily take several hours to recharge for an hour’s worth of movement.Without an additional (conventional) generator therefore, pure solar on a canal narrowboat is only suited for weekend breaks and day boats but not constantly cruising liveaboards. Apart from a few high spots around the canal network, we just don’t get the kind of breeze these things need.Plus they have to be put up and down each time you travel. Where does the water come from to supply the canals? He's so self-referential that he actually assigns thoughts to Geese! If he were to make a 3rd year series, I'd watch that too. I like the pace and tempo of the journeys. I’ve also heard it said that most people are right-handed thus their right hand is on the tiller so they stand on the left hand side of the boat; therefore when passing another boat coming towards you, both skippers will be on the side that’s nearest to the oncoming boat.A recent comment on my vlogs also explained that the steering board on ships of old would be on the right (hence the term “starboard” for right) and boats would put into port on the left (hence the term “port” for left hand side). Uses the word "annoying" several times per show -- which is...annoying. I get buzzed by one or two a year. Can you fish in the canals and do you eat them?You can fish if you have the appropriate licences – local angling groups tend to have the rights to each stretch of canal so talk to them. Consider two, 57-foot-long boats coming from opposite directions. Where does the “grey” water from the sink and shower go?Unlike your sewage, which has to be stored in one form or another until you get to an emptying point, grey water goes straight back into the canal. Having survived the terror of Harecastle Tunnel, David now has the small matter of Heartbreak Hill, a very long series of canal locks to descend. If we toast a sandwich in the UK, it is then explicitly referred to as a “toasted sandwich” or “toastie”. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. Looking for something to watch? The trouble is that with a 50+ foot, 15 tonne boat, you really need to see what it’s doing as you maneouvre it, rather than have it all happening behind you. A documentary series following former UK television news reporter David Johns who quit his job, sold his house, bought a live-aboard narrowboat, and films his travels on the historic British canals. I haven’t done enough of the canals to be able to happily recommend somewhere; also everyone’s requirements are different.Plus hirers tend to do one of the standard circular routes so they end up back where they’ve started, whereas I’ve just dawdled my way on the various canals as I’ve seen fit so my experience isn’t similar to a hirer.Most hirers want to know about site-seeing places and which pubs to visit and on that front I’m a dead loss as well as I just don’t go to them. Select the department you want to search in. Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2020. Just a matter of personal preference.You can also use apps or online guides such as (ideal for route planning rather than a map) or opencanalmap which has all the CRT facilities marked etc albeit in a rather tiny font that you can’t seem to enlarge. (2019– ). 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. It’s got loads of very expert people who chip in but the only thing you have to watch is that sometimes the discussions veer (quickly) wildly off on a tangent, which is unhelpful, or occasionally descend into vitriolic arguments. But no boats have them and there are no disposal facilities for grey water, so it’s not going to change.The abundance of fish and wildlife on the canals suggests it really isn’t an issue! Can I visit your boat?No. Their problems and fun were very like the narrow boat. Can you cruise the canals at night?Not if you’re hiring but it’s unwise generally even if you own the boat. I find it very relaxing to kick back, feet up, cat asleep on my lap, and watch David cruise the canals. Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2020. Why don’t you have / fit a bow thruster / “trolling motor”?Although many (generally newer) narrowboats have bow thrusters, it would be near impossible to fit one onto my boat without some major, and expensive, surgery. Season 2, however, sounded like it was going to be awesome, but is only one episode. That’s calculated as 40 feet / 12m usable roof length at absolute max, assuming you don’t store anything else up there (which most boaters do) and that you don’t want to get on the roof during lock maneouvres (which again most boaters do) x about 1.6m width which you don’t want to overhang else the panels may get shredded when you go through some bridge holes or tunnels.Using high output 400W LG Neon solar panels (1m x 2m dimensions), you’ll get 6 panels max = 2.4kW maximum theoretical output. In which David travels south along the wonderfully green and lush Shropshire Union canal and admires several delightful old bridges along the way plus he gets admonished for going too fast. Many boaters do not paint the bottom at all! (After inviting himself onto their boat...they are sitting calmly and politely answering his questions.) David's narrowboat voyage continues up the Leicester line of the Grand Union Canal as he fixes a potentially disastrous leak in the weed hatch and meets some friends who join him in convoy on their boat as he tackles the terrifying (not really) River Soar. a local TV news reporter for ITV in the south east of England,,, see vlog 69 I did about just such a craft.,, Links from my videos to Amazon with an affiliate code in them. What I didn't like is being cheated out of all his second year trip. How fast can you go on the canals?Asking “how fast” is to miss the point of narrowboating. Videographer & Journalist. To be honest I enjoy some of the action stuff on TV...cop shows, action movies, etc. He speeds through a very tight bridge, does some laundry, and comes to a legendary canal junction at Fradley. A terrifying ordeal awaits our hero as he continues north up the Trent & Mersey canal: The "Scarecastle" Tunnel, a very long, dark, damp tunnel which has sagged in the middle over the many decades since it was built, making it very, very low indeed in some parts. Bear in mind the boats pivot in the middle so as you turn, the back end is going out…. Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2020. Quickly browse titles in our catalog based on the ones you have picked. I’m 50 and used to work as a local TV news reporter for ITV in the south east of England . It’s therefore important to use wildlife-friendly washing products so as not to poison the fish, ducks, swans and other canal animals.A lot of people seem to get very irate about the grey water situation and I suppose in an ideal world, if we started again from scratch, we’d be likely to use grey water tanks and have to pump them out. Add the first question. If you still refuse then eventually legal proceedings begin with the CRT having the contractual right to remove your boat from the water.

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