dexter's laboratory episode 1

dexter's laboratory episode 1

Dexter is trapped in his school by the janitor in revenge for making him work late everyday due to Dexter's habit of leaving the school last everyday. Dexter refuses to see that blonde's have more fun, so he dyes Dee Dee's hair to prove it. Dexter creates a magnetic field to keep Dee Dee away from him, but it malfunctions, causing them to stick together. When Dexter tries to prove to Dee Dee that Santa Claus is not real and is in fact Dad in disguise, he captures the real Santa Claus. When Dexter cannot get the ice cream truck to stop for him, he creates a series of obstacles to do so. Dee keeps adding her own, fantastical bits. He ignores his fellow students, who prefer to "party now, study later", until his mind finally snaps from the workload. This particular Season One set has all the cartoon with few of the extra features--which I like. After repeated pummeling in the Gym class dodgeball game, Dexter arrives for class ready for action encased in an Armored Cyber-Sonic Exo-Jock Jumpsuit. Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2011. "The Scrying Game" (7 minutes) Dee Dee reads Dexter's fortune and, much to his shock, the things she predicted actually start happening. When Dexter is asked to bring his mother to school, he disguises Dee Dee in her place, but Dee Dee does not behave like their mother. Although when she uses it, her hair floods the entire house. When his family is suffering from the flu, Dexter avoids contracting the illness, but his efforts are thwarted by a sickly Dee Dee. Mandark compels Dexter to shut down his lab so that Mandark's lab can gain more power. Although when Mandark gets a hold of it, Dexter is the one being the slave. Looking back on all these old cartoon network shows I use to watch when I was a child sure brings back tons of memories. Dexter's parents discover that he is making false excuses to get out of physical education and now Dexter must pass a physical exam if he wants to pass P.E. After regenerating a Tyrannosaurus Rex using some puppy-dog DNA, Dexter must recapture the dinosaur-doggie beast when Dee Dee decides to take it for a walk in the park. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. But it turns out that no human should see the world this well. Using one of his inventions makes himself older, but maybe he's made himself... Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Upset that Dee Dee is more photogenic than him, Dexter transforms his face into a handsome one for his next Picture Day. © 2020 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

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