dust storm texas 2020

dust storm texas 2020

Eight business have been found to have violated the state’s COVID-19 protocols after agents visited more than 1,700 bars across the state. Marshals Searching For Cameron Craig In Connection To Triple Homicide At Hip Hop Gentleman's Club, 2 East Texas Children Missing After Being Ordered Into Family And Protective Services Custody, May Be In Dallas Area, Texas Is A Battleground State And A Record Surge In Voter Turnout Only Adds To An Unpredictable Election, Dallas County Reports Record 1,517 New Positive Coronavirus Cases As Outpatient Clinics Begin Reporting Results, Undercover Effort Leads To Arrest Of North Texas Man For Allegedly Promoting, Possessing Child Pornography, Plano Police Searching For Thief Who Stole $60K Gold Bar From Locked Mailbox. Credit: Margaret Lewis, Jen Kearney said she snapped this on her walk through Villages of Berry Creek. https://t.co/g6unwbZ5hA. There is a chance you may find yourself sniffling, sneezing, and reaching for relief like the overly-dramatic dramatization below: 4) Rain is the forecast. It can cause breathing issues for those with asthma, allergies or upper respiratory conditions. Most of this dust plume is lofted 15,000 to 16,500 feet above the earth’s surface. Dust from the Sahara desert moving into the Atlantic happens every year. A BIG plume of Saharan Dust will move into the Brazos Valley, Texas, and much of the Gulf Coast this week. When there is consistent dust in our air, air quality decreases. That meant it was unhealthy for sensitive groups to spend prolonged periods of time outdoors. Some may not have been impacted at all! The latest news, weather conditions and sports reported by the KBTX News team. Your car will be covered in dust and mud! The KVUE Storm Team will continue to closely monitor the forecast. Construction worker ran over on site, Bryan police on scene, Brazos County voters cast ballots on Election Day, some wait in lines, Local bar’s alcohol permit suspended by TABC, Election Day prayer vigil being held at Bryan church, Hurricane Eta making landfall in Nicaragua, 42 new COVID-19 cases, 32 Brazos County residents hospitalized, BVTM: Live with a Brazos County Republican Party precinct chair. The thickness of dust particles in the atmosphere is the highest observed in 25 … It’s open to anyone who wants to stop in and pray. Saharan Dust is back. Most of @TAMU that is normally visible from this view is hidden behind the haze pic.twitter.com/eelqqmTIbe, Matagorda Bay: Saturday vs Sunday Before & after Saharan Dust moved in: Lori Niermann Hay pic.twitter.com/Imw4KtAPNM. Sure does! Credit: The Levassars, Taken in Cedar Park Thursday during sunset by Ray L Perez. Picture: Weather.com. Taken prior to sunset by Alex Faris. PHOTOS: Saharan Dust brings hazy sunsets to Central Texas. However, some of the latest computer forecasts are showing the potential for more dust to move in around the end of the week. 6) BONUS: This dust helps the Amazon rain forest! Scientifically...that is a hard one to answer. 3) Stay inside! Have you heard? In some cases, different types of mold spores, viruses (no, NOT COVID-19), and pollens from other parts of the world may cause a few of us, without pre-existing conditions, agitation. Let's go ahead and clear up some misconceptions, shall we? That’s what this will look like! On Election Day, the party chair is heartened by Democratic turnout and confident that her party’s candidates are the right ones for those voters. Gov. Across the southeastern U.S., from the Gulf Coast to the Carolinas and potentially as far north as Indianapolis and Cincinnati, dust effects will likely be visible in the coming days. Abbott: Bars must close at noon today, restaurants to reduce to 50%, outdoor gatherings limited, Hundreds of high schoolers exposed to COVID-19 after large party in Lakeway, Round Rock's Blue Starlite Drive-in burns to the ground. 2) Have you ever seen a dust storm in West Texas?! The haziness from Saharan dust was very apparent Friday evening from the KVUE sky cam network, as air quality dropped significantly around 5:45 p.m. This creates the Saharan Air Layer, or SAL, which is a 2 to 2.5-mile thick layer of air about one mile above the surface. Fortunately, air quality has improved as of Sunday morning as the dust is now less concentrated. Assuming rain and clouds are out of the area, the sun should look like a bright pinhole as it dives to the horizon. Published: June 22, 2020, 12:05 pm Updated: ... What you need to know about Saharan dust in Texas Those around San Antonio, who have respiratory issues, may experience minor symptoms. Some folks had to wait in line in Brazos County. This Saharan dust has been causing reduced air quality and hazy conditions over the past several days here in Central Texas. For those with pre-existing conditions, the air may feel heavier late this week and weekend. We can call it unique, though. This means that unusually sensitive people should consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors. 2020 has been a doozy. Sahara dust storm has reached the U.S. from Texas to Florida and Georgia. Grand Prairie Native, 'American Idol' Finalist Nikki McKibben Dead At 42, Corsicana Native, Actor Eddie Hassell Shot To Death In Grand Prairie, Fort Worth PD Comments After Claims Officers Gave 'Escort' To Pro-Trump Caravan Near Polling Station In Predominantly Minority Area, 4 Police Officers Shot At While Helping Accident Victims On Roadside: 'This Needs To Stop', U.S. Catastrophic storm surge expected along northeastern coast. In addition to reduced air quality, Saharan dust can also result in extremely vivid sunrise and sunsets. Credit: Alex Faris, From Oak Forest in Buda by the Levassars family. AUSTIN, Texas — It is that time of the year when dust from the Sahara Desert in Africa makes the 5,000-mile trek across the Atlantic Ocean by the trade winds. In this case, the concentration is expected to be incredibly high keeping the scattering process for those colors to shine from happening. A BIG plume of Saharan Dust will move into the Brazos Valley, Texas, and much of the Gulf Coast this week. The warm, dry air is associated with a stable atmosphere and lower tropical activity. This happens when dust storms take shape over the desert and dust is then elevated. Air quality is expected to remain in the "moderate" level through the day on Monday. For that group, you will likely want to remain indoors as much as possible. NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – The current outbreak of Saharan dust over the Atlantic is the largest since 2002 when satellites began being able to detect and track these outbreaks in great detail. Saharan Dust: What to expect and what not to. Before the sky turns a hazy gray, here is what you can expect and what may just be an over-exaggeration on social media’s part. The dusty haze reflects some sunshine back to space, cooling the surface a bit where the plume is thickest. 7) 2020 is probably sending us that sand-ghost thing from the movie “The Mummy!”. Credit: Rosa Gonzalez, Taken in Georgetown at sunset on Thursday by Margaret Lewis. Credit: Ray L Perez, Sarahan Dust sunset in South Austin by Rosa Gonzalez. Additional information on these cases, when available, can be found on the KBTX homepage. In-depth look at today's local, statewide and national news, as well as updates on weather provided by the KBTX News team. The trade winds then pick up that dust and transport it towards North America. Many of the polling sites had a steady stream of voters, but not long lines. This is not considered to be a criminal case, but Bryan PD is still investigating. Nearly 70,000 Brazos County voters participated in early voting, and 34% of them are historically Republican-only primary voters. Some sensitive to dust may have even experienced allergy-like symptoms such as itchy throat, nose and eyes. ), By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. If we can pull off a soaking rain, that should help clear the haze out of the sky and improve the air quality for a short while before more dust swings back in. A lighter concentration of Saharan dust usually brings a brilliant glow to the evening sky as the sun drops to the horizon. NASA shows how the dust feeds the Amazon’s plants and how much of a small world it really is after all. Air quality was "unhealthy" on Saturday. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. No joke! Brazos County preliminary election results likely will be reported before Election Day is done, sans the approximately 300 military and overseas ballots expected through Monday. 1) 2020 is still 2020-ing. These are pictures of Saharan dust lofted high above the Brazos Valley and Southeast Texas in 2018: Hey #bcstx......looking pretty dusty out there. Saharan dust typically makes the 5,000+ mile journey across the Atlantic and into parts of the United States during the early summer months. This particular plume is among the most extreme on record, scientists have noted. While some minor concentrations of dust may settle down toward the ground, this is all expected to generally blow-by over the Brazos Valley’s heads. Those with nasal allergies and / or respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD may be impacted the most. The concentration of Saharan dust peaked on Saturday, causing the air quality to drop to the "unhealthy" level in Austin. (© Copyright 2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. People with respiratory issues such as asthma or people with heart and lung disease were especially vulnerable. Copyright 2020 KBTX. This happens when dust storms take shape over the desert and dust is then elevated. Normally, yes! Saharan dust will make you sick. An Election Day prayer vigil is being held at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Downtown Bryan. Credit: Jen Kearney, Forecast: Highs stay in the low 80s through the weekend, then a cold front early next week, Central Texans turning out to vote in-person on Election Day, Texas Longhorns vs. West Virginia Mountaineers football game to air on KVUE, Texas Longhorns 2020 women's basketball schedule and game results. When that Saharan dust arrives in our atmosphere, it will NOT look like this: But it will look like this! These have been seen across Central Texas over the past several days, including the Thursday evening sunset over Downtown Austin. Check out what it looked like over the Brazos Valley back in July of 2016 and again in 2018: A hazy, Saharan Dust #BrazosValleySunset over #bcstx7.11.2016(cc @NWSHouston) pic.twitter.com/u6YJkvbWOf, #BrazosValleySunset (Saharan Dust Edition)7.15.2018: @KBTXRusty pic.twitter.com/CYR2M3PR6x. The Associated Press contributed to this report. This is a current count of COVID-19 cases in the Brazos Valley as of midday. We will see the dust in North Texas Friday and Saturday. 2:30 p.m. update: A wave of Saharan dust that was expected to arrive Friday on the Texas Gulf Coast will expand into Central Texas over the weekend, the Texas … It is 2020 though, so maybe have Brendan Fraser and The Rock on speed dial...Just in case. Sure. Saharan Dust Cloud Arrives In North Texas Friday By Scott Padgett June 25, 2020 at 9:42 pm Filed Under: Allergies , Asthma , Atlantic , DFW News , North Texas , Sahara , Saharan dust cloud. Here’s what that looked like over the weekend in Northern Trinidad after a round of storms: While isolated thunderstorm activity allowed for air quality improvements across Northern Trinidad, high concentrations of #SaharanDust persist across the Southern half of the island. Now we have to deal with dust all the way from the Sahara?! However, this is nothing new. This creates the Saharan Air Layer, or SAL, which is a 2 to 2.5-mile … The air quality index for Austin is now in the "moderate" level for Sunday. https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2020/06/25/saharan-dust-cloud-arrives-texas-friday Before the sky turns a hazy gray, here is … Trillions of dust grains will reflect sunlight in every direction, creating milky white skies. Saharan dust Friday afternoon (credit: NASA). Some islands in the Caribbean that track particulates indicate it’s one of the worst since the 1970s. Tropical Storm Arthur and Tropical Storm Bertha which formed in May were the first two named storms … 5) The #BrazosValleySunset is going to be spectacular! NASA shows how the dust feeds the Amazon’s plants and how much of a small world it really is after all. The air quality in Austin is expected to remain in the "moderate" level on Sunday.

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