english defence league official website

english defence league official website

In an interview with the BNP deputy leader Simon Darby, Griffin claimed that the English Defence League was a "Zionist false flag operation", and added that the organisation is "a neo-con operation". [268] These included sectors of the US Tea Party movement;[269] it affiliated with the US-based Stop Islamization of America run by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. [142], The sociologists Simon Winlow, Steve Hall and James Treadwell noted that all the EDL members they encountered expressed hatred of Muslims. [119], The EDL is part of the international "counter-jihad" movement. [210], Some divisions were based on locality and others on special interests. [26], The EDL focused on organising demonstrations: between 2009 and 2015, it held an average of between ten and fifteen demonstrations per year, attracting crowds of between 100 and 3000. [120] The political scientist Hilary Aked defined counter-jihadism as "a section of the far-right distinguished by its hostility to migrants, Muslims and Islam. [300] Pilkington found that EDL members had rarely been raised in "stable, strong and protective environments", that accounts of sexual abuse and violence in childhood were somewhat common, and that a number had been raised by grandparents or in foster care. Find more data about englishdefenceleague. [237] Police reported that EDL activities hampered their own counter-terror operations among British Muslim communities. Political scientists and other commentators have characterised this Islamophobic stance as culturally racist. [330], Winlow, Hall, and Treadwell argued that the EDL's growth among the white working-class reflected how this sector of society—which had predominantly aligned with the political left during the 20th century—was increasingly shifting to the far-right in the early 21st. The combination of a deeply anti‐Muslim political agenda and populist ultrapatriotism, powered by grass‐roots critiques of mainstream politics, has been a core component of The method used to hack into the websites is still unknown but we do know the hackers may be from the middle east as they left pro-Palestinian messages on the English Defence League website: [169] Members are often keen to stress that they have ethnic minority friends and family members as a means of countering accusations of racism,[170] adopting the view that "lack of racism towards one group is assumed to be evidence of lack of racism against all". – Luit – Hex00010 – p0ison.org "[39] Ray was critical of his successor, and—from his new base in Malta—posted videos to YouTube in which he threatened to retake control of the EDL. [249] Some also described violent clashes as the best way to draw media attention to their cause,[250] and presented their violence as being heroic. [64] Breivik described EDL co-founder Ray as his "mentor",[41] having been in communication with him since 2002. [57] Online, various leftist websites played a role in monitoring the EDL's activities. [56] Splinter groups appeared, among them the North West Infidels, North East Infidels, South East Alliance and Combined Ex-Forces. [218], Copsey noted that the "overwhelming majority" of attendees at EDL demonstrations were "young, white, working-class males".

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