gold bay paydirt

gold bay paydirt

Not only did I received the “guaranteed” 11.25 Oz’s, there was an additional 11 grams., 119.44% ROI – GoldNPaydirt (2lb Jackpot Bag), 118.07% ROI – LynchMining (Gizmo’s Supremo), 115.48% ROI – DirtHoggPaydirt (1lb) (Review #2), 104.22% ROI – LynchMining (Supremo Review 2), 100.80% ROI – Find_The_Line_Prospecting (8oz), 99.99% ROI – LynchMining (Black lbl)(Review #2), 87.04% ROI – LynchMining (Reserve)(Review #2), 71.56% ROI – Constellation Mining (Review #2), 61.36% ROI – MikesGoldPaydirt (1/2lb Bag), 56.88% ROI – LynchMining (Gizmos)(Review #2), 55.91% ROI – Grafton41 (Ebay) (4oz Crushed Ore), 54.88% ROI – Constellation Mining (1lb Bag), 54.06% ROI – LynchMining (Original) (Review #2), 45.81% ROI – LynchMining (1lb Original Bag), 38.39% ROI – FelixsPayDirt (Motherlode Bag), 38.38% ROI – LynchMining (5lb Superstition), 31.70% ROI – (300g Bag), 17.50% ROI – Prospector John (Concentrates), 11.96% ROI – Prospector John (Alaska Raw), 00.00% ROI – Prospector John (Tombstone Raw). Hey you mentioned cooking up your paydirt. is one of the most requested sellers I get asked to review. Be sure to check the prospecting/fossicking laws in your local state or territory. Made for a better challenge. It’s mine but a bit expensive. I had seen a few reviews where people came off thinking it was too fake of paydirt. Aussie Paydirt is only available online. I went back to the Goldbay website to purchase additional gold paydirt and came across a 55lb gold paydirt, 6.25 oz guaranteed, less than spot price offer. 71.56% ROI – Constellation Mining (Review #2) Developing a good technique to pan gold from concentrates takes some practice. PayDirt Black sand and gold only paydirt – 1 gram. Montana Gold Paydirt 3.75 Pounds, Concentrates, fine gold. 531 likes. Gold paydirt With 1 Gram Of Gold. Always remember to leave spots as you found them, and fill in your holes. Gold is often found in gem areas. You need to switch to firefox of my favorite Chrome! 99.12% ROI – MikesGoldPaydirt (3lb Bag) Now I appreciate this is a lot, but saw it as an investment. It certainly did…. Thanks for another great review! So soon all will be right! This was a great bag of paydirt! The guaranteed ROI built into this paydirt is a winner in my book. I plan on adding the cooking, and weighing of the gold as well a a chunk of the panning in the future. Love your videos, please keep them coming! $77.00. I tried a few online resellers and had an ok experience. Many fossicking areas are either freely open to the public, or are able to be prospected with the purchase of an inexpensive permit or licence. 54.06% ROI – LynchMining (Original) (Review #2) This was on Jan. 3. Free shipping. With further research I came across several articles on Goldbay. FIND TROY OUNCE GOLD. 64.52% ROI – LynchMining (Gizmo’s) Prospecting is a great family or weekend activity. Dylan P Miller. I knew you would love it! We have starter kits that have everything you need to get going. I can’t pan when it gets that cold, 30 is my limit, only had to do the review in the 18°! Regular price $209.99 … 82.55% ROI – KlondikeKlinkers (4oz Bag) Also I use go getter juice, I find it works better and smells less. Hopefully the picture gives it justice. or Best Offer. $48.00. Wow explorer update to Google chrome and get rid of explorer. Gold Paydirt 5 lbs Unsearched and Guaranteed Added GOLD! Unfortunately, every time I tried logging onto the website something on the entry page caused Internet Explorer to shut down. A lot of it was a rust or iron stained color, making it much harder to spot. No problems - you just need some Aussie Paydirt. Have you heard of anyone else having problems with the Gold Bay website? As an avid gold prospector enthusiast, whom has found it difficult in the past year or so to go prospect, I thought I would “cheat” and purchase gold paydirt. Now that’s ccoollldddd! I did love it and really cant wait to review a larger bag now! Reply. I went back to the Goldbay website to purchase additional gold paydirt and came across a 55lb gold paydirt, 6.25 oz guaranteed, less than spot price offer. 96.22% ROI – LynchMining (Black Label) PayDirt 3 pound paydirt – 3 grams Quartz gold nuggets. 25 grams of HUGE Gold – Paydirt nugget bucket – 15lbs. $32.99. As to the paydirt, I am so happy I didn’t get a bag like yours. 51.30% ROI – SluiceBoy (Ebay) (1lb Bag) Maybe it's been a while since you've been out. Our paydirt may contain various pieces of precious and semi-precious gemstones (don’t throw anything out). No haven’t heard of an issue but I also don’t know anyone still using Explorer, lol. MAMMOTH PAYDIRT 'THE NUGGET' - Gold Paydirt Concentrate Panning Pay Dirt. Find 2 Oz of Gold Nuggets. I received text messages, emails and calls throughout the delivery process. Required fields are marked *, 141.57% ROI – LynchMining (Black Label) Young or old, male or female, mobile or not. No haven’t heard of an issue but I also don’t know anyone still using Explorer, lol. I think it’s important to share my full experience of Goldbay products and service. COPYRIGHT © 2018 AUSSIE PAYDIRT  |  TERMS  |  PRIVACY, WEBSITE DESIGN AND HOSTING – DEVELOPED IDEAS, "...surprised at how much gold we found...", "Thanks so much for your Paydirt. Showing how you do that sped up would be cool. Ordering is easy and we deliver Australia-wide. Will keep the kids (young and old) entertained for hours. 14.96% ROI – PayDirtGold (1lb Bag) 17.50% ROI – Prospector John (Concentrates) I am also trying to make sure the videos stay under 12 minutes. One, okay the main reason I have wanted to review the GoldBay paydirt is the guaranteed ROI. Haven’t tried them myself but the boast well on website. We talked for 15 minutes about his business and the purchase process. As to the paydirt, I am so happy I didn’t get a bag like yours. If you ever wondering where to go to purchase gold paydirt, I can say from my own honest experience, Goldbay is the place to go. 119.44% ROI – GoldNPaydirt (2lb Jackpot Bag) Golden Bay Paydirt provides quality gold bearing river gravels at affordable prices to customers all around New Zealand for a great gold panning experience It took me three days to go through the 55lb of paydirt, and I was not disappointed with the finding. 109.87% ROI – LynchMining (Reserve) Everything you need to start panning for gold. 5 Lb. My only complaint is the bag is too plain and needs at least a written label. So it was really fun panning out a lot pf larger material. I went for the maximum additional 5 oz. 31.70% ROI – (300g Bag), Your email address will not be published. 127.57% ROI – DirtHogg (1lb Bag) Was: $49.99. I ended up really enjoying the paydirt. 115.48% ROI – DirtHoggPaydirt (1lb) (Review #2) 69.24% ROI – DirtHogg (5-Pound Bag) All positive, so I thought I would give them a try. Already have a pan? Hey Wayne! 35.37% ROI – RawPayDirt (1gal Bag) 45.81% ROI – LynchMining (1lb Original Bag) We’ve put together great value bags of paydirt as well as starter kits with everything you need to get you going. Luckily I did not have that problem, I found lots of different sized and shaped gold. Within 5 minutes of placing the order, Dave Varabioff (Goldbay owner) called me, great friendly guy. Nothing beats the experience of students having a go for themselves. Rated 0 out of 5 $ 1,775.00 $ 1,650.00 Add to cart. This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. Hey Wayne! 70.92% ROI – DirtHoggPaydirt (2lb Bag) It was a lot of material and had mostly +20 sized paydirt which is not what most bags tend to be. There was also an offer to load additional gold into the paydirt. Is your school or group learning about gold? 87.04% ROI – LynchMining (Reserve)(Review #2) And as most use jet dry, that your go getter juice? I used to get it off amazon but looks like they only sell it on site now Want to try some. Value for money A+ (below spot in some cases). Most sellers who have a guaranteed amount of gold tend to have a 50-7-0% built in ROI. 61.36% ROI – MikesGoldPaydirt (1/2lb Bag) Only 1 left! Plus some of it was paper thin and it really wanted to skate over the rocks and out of the pan instead of sinking to the bottom. Now I won’t get into what makes one sellers salted paydirt less or more artificial than another. First, my apologies for the lengthy review. 99.99% ROI – LynchMining (Black lbl)(Review #2) I really liked the gold in this bag, it wasn’t all shiny like most sellers, was very oxidized or brownish. The Review of GoldBay 3lb Bag Paydirt: ... Have you heard of anyone else having problems with the Gold Bay website? 63.93% ROI – KlondikeKlinkers (8oz Bag) 27.40% ROI – MikesGoldPaydirt (4oz Bag) 29.13% ROI – ThisThatAndCoins (2oz Bag) Our gold paydirt is loaded with flake and fine gold and you could find the occasional picker (big enough chunk to pick up with your fingers). Rated 0 out of 5 $ 62.95 Add to cart. Great job Dylan, that’s dedication to your craft, 18 degrees! In fact I think I enjoyed it more then I even expected to. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE so as to not miss any of my reviews. $9.60 shipping. First, I found 1.2 oz nugget, I believe it’s the largest nugget found in purchased online paydirt – Thank you Dave/Goldbay! 43.53% ROI – EurekaGoldSands (1lb Bag) Now to have that as my only complaint is amazing. You need to switch to firefox of my favorite Chrome! 29.21% ROI – Kougarok (1lb Nome Cons) Regular price $224.99 $179.99 Sale *BOGO* Pioneer '2 OUNCE NUGGET HUNT' - Gold Panning Paydirt Concentrate. Thanks for the recommendation, your why I reviewed it for my first review for 2018. Aussie Paydirt bags and starter kits make great presents for all occasions. I gathered from the other reviews it was based on the fact all of the gold was in one mesh size leaving no real reason to search the smaller finer classified material. Those numbers include shipping. GOLDBAY ROCKS! 54.88% ROI – Constellation Mining (1lb Bag) Wooohooo! Can you get all the gold in one go? It arrived the next day!". I knew I was going to like the ROI, but it turned out to be a really really fun bag. Oh and good luck and happy panning! Yea explorer is horrible, not even a fan of edge. Our classic “Guaranteed Gold” Aussie Paydirt bags of concentrate. 00.00% ROI – EurekaGoldSands (Review #2). Closed Sellers have been removed from this list! Panning. I went for the maximum additional 5 oz. BUY 1 GET 1 FREE. $8.30 shipping. What site do you get the go-getter juice from ?

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