grave ledger designs

grave ledger designs

Browse Ledger Grave Marker Designs By Clicking On The Images Below. The larger size gives you more space for custom designs--etchings and engravings created by the skilled stonecutters at Rome Monuments. Sincerely, Emily Whitmire", Bronze Cross Ledger Individual Grave Marker, Bronze Cross Ledger Companion Grave Marker, 15605 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, Texas 78418. Whatever personalized flat grave marker you select, Schlitzberger and Daughters will work diligently with you to design and create it to your exact specifications and desires. Email:, Appointments Are Required For Showroom Visits, Call Or, Talk With a Funeral Home Selection Advisor, CAD Drawings Provided for Customer Approval, Donatelli Granite Co. Showroom, Pittsburgh, PA, Melrose Cemetery Showroom, Bridgeville, PA, Choose a Pittsburgh Area Showroom Near You, Browse Designs By The Type of Cemetery Memorial, Matthews Bronze Companion Flat Headstone Sunrise Rose with Vase Lawn Crypt. Request a Quote. We don’t show these one-of-a-kind memorials to copy, but rather to inspire a personalized flat grave marker design. Full ledger markers are designed to cover the entire length of the plot, and create distinctive and unforgettable remembrances. It’s up to you. A ledger is a larger stone that typically covers the majority of a grave. Browse galleries to get design ideas.View Monument Designs, Make arrangements to visit our showroom and sit down with one of our designers to discuss ideas for a memorial or monument.Schedule a Design Meeting, Read about our company, products and services the old fashioned way. Ledger markers can be for any number of graves and come in a variety of styles and shapes. | We design and manufacture ledgers in our production facility in Miami, Florida. The black granite grave ledger pictured above was designed, custom handcrafted, engraved and set in a Miami, Florida cemetery by the City Monument Company to memorialize Vittorio Tavernini, February 15, 1917 - May 17, 2012.It was set in front of the upright monument which bears the North Miami Beach resident's name, birth date and death date. You may want a simple headstone or gravestone–something to mark the place with a name and dates inscribed on it. Prospect Park District Engraved Pavers, Bronze Grave Marker with Porcelain Portraits for Sale, Bronze Marker with Floral Vase Sold in Chicago, Bronze Memorial Marker Honoring Deceased's Military Service, Buy a Bronze Marker with Ceramic Portrait on a Lawn Crypt, Get Design Ideas Before Buying a Bronze Cemetery Marker, How to Buy Affordable, Cheap and Inexpensive Bronze Markers, How to Buy a Headstone, Marker or Gravestone with Angels, How to Get Prices For Bronze Memorial Markers for Graves, How to Order Bronze Grave Markers for Cemeteries Online, Individual Bronze Marker Manufactured for Chicago Customer, Learn How to Buy a Bronze Individual Marker with Roses, Order Bronze Grave Markers Online, By Phone or at Showroom, Patriotic Bronze Grave Marker Sold to Barthel Family, Picture of Veteran's Bronze Marker with Matching Marker for Spouse, Prices for Bronze Grave Markers with Montage Design on Sale, Pricing and Ordering Information for Bronze Memorial Plaques, Pricing and Ordering Information for Bronze Monument Plaques, Purchase Bronze Grave Markers for Lawn Crypts, Purchase a Bronze Grave Marker with Photo Collage Design, Retailer of Rose and Floral Themed Bronze Headstones, Single Grave Bronze Marker Installed in a Chicago, IL Cemetery, Bronze Headstone Purchased from Kornick & Berliner Monument Company, Bronze Headstone Used to Mark Two Graves in a Cemetery, Bronze Marker on a Granite Base with Bronze Flower Vase, Bronze Markers to Mark the Graves for a Husband and Wife, Companion Bronze Grave Marker with Vase on Granite Base, Companion Bronze Marker Designed for Husband and Wife, Companion Bronze Marker Sold to Mr. and Mrs. Bates, Companion Bronze Markers for Lawn Crypt Ground Burial, Designs and Prices for Companion Headstones for Cemeteries, Double Bronze Marker Available from Kornick & Berliner Monument Company, How To Order a Bronze Companion Gravestone for a Cemetery, Lawn Crypt Companion Style Bronze Marker Sold in Miami, FL, Learn How To Order a Cemetery Companion Headstone Online, Two Bronze Plaques on Granite Form Companion Headstone, Where to Purchase Flat Companion or Double Bronze Markers, Bronze Grave Marker for U.S. Navy SEAL Team Three Member, Bronze Veteran's Marker Mounted to Granite Grave Cover, Baby Headstone Purchased for Grave in Miami For Young Son, Bronze Baby Gravestone Sold by Kornick & Berliner Monument Company, Bronze Headstone for a Child Featuring Toy Alphabet Blocks, Bronze and Granite Gravestone Using Baby Pacifier in Design, Child's Bronze Memorial Marker Featuring Angel, Lamb and Flower Vase, Heart Shaped Bronze Marker Designed to Memorialize a Child, Heart Shaped Bronze Memorial Marker Commemorating a Child, How to Purchase an Infant Memorial Stone with Bronze Plaque, Infant Bronze Grave Marker Featuring Swinging Teddy Bear, Pictures of Jewish Grave Ledger Monuments, Granite Grave Ledger Stone Designed with Bronze Elements, Ledger Grave Cover Pictured with Accompanying Upright Monument, Cemetery Granite Grave Cover Ledger Sold to Arthur Family, Bronze Grave Cover Available at Kornick & Berliner, Veteran's Bronze Marker Mounted on Granite Grave Cover. While many families did opt to have the information of the deceased inscribed in the lid, it is also not uncommon to find these larger markers of days past, completely blank. A Ledger is a grave marker which typically covers the length of the grave and provides space for additional epitaphs and designs when commemorating a loved one. I cannot say enough about my experience with Use these grave marker and ledger selections to help determine your likes and dislikes. See our Family & Estate Monument Portfolio for high-end ledger examples. The Schlitzberger family has been crafting monuments and memorials since 1922; it is our family’s heritage and our passion. Learn About the Costs of Cemetery Monuments in the U.S. These monuments can help create a beautiful and traditional appearance, and help ensure the person interred remain undisturbed for all eternity. These are delivered and set in cemeteries. COVID-19 Update: Our industry is currently experiencing a higher demand for our services, and as a result our response & production times are slower than normal. Browse design gallery photos of granite and bronze ledger style grave covers and grave markers for sale at Kornick & Berliner Monument Monument Company. You can select from a wide variety of granite colors for both traditional and cremation memorials in different price ranges. A Ledger is a grave marker which typically covers the length of the grave and provides space for additional epitaphs and designs when commemorating a loved one. This beautiful ledger grave marker can be personalized with information for one or two people or more (just note in the special instructions how many people the marker is for). Ledger can simple and flush in the ground or taller with multiple tiers, delicate molding, and sculptural detail. It is generally made of granite. Memorial Products Upright Monument Headstones Flat Grave Markers Slant Monuments Pillow Markers Granite Memorial Benches Monubenches Columbarium and Mausoleum Pet Memorials Boulder Polishing & Engraving Granite Monument Signs Memorial Cleaning Kits . It took four years after my precious mother's death to be emotionally able to shop for an urn for her remains. Companion Cemetery Monuments on Sale at City Monument Co. 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Monument Specialist, Cemetery Monument Purchased by a Jewish Family in Chicago, Companion Bronze Marker for Mr. and Mrs. Weinberg, Design Option for Double Monument for Jewish Family, Double Bronze Marker Designed for Jewish Couple in Chicago, Estate and Family Monument Marking Graves of Jewish Family, Example of Jewish Cemetery Monument with Hebrew Lettering, Family Memorial Provider for the Jewish Community in Chicago, Flat Granite Grave Markers for Jewish Families for Sale, Gravestone Design with Hebrew Inscription and Jewish Symbols, Gravestones for Sale for Gravesites in Jewish Cemeteries, Headstone Bought by Jewish Family to Mark Single Gravesite, Headstone Designed by Jewish Monument Specialists in Chicago, Headstones for Sale for Jewish Cemeteries in Chicago, How To Purchase a Custom Flat Jewish Granite Grave Marker, How to Choose the Proper Size for a Jewish Monument, How to Order a Monument with Jewish Symbols and Letters, How to Purchase a Custom Jewish Bevel Granite Grave Marker, Individual Upright Jewish Monuments, Gravestones for Sale, Jewish Bronze Grave Marker Commissioned by Savitz Family, Jewish Bronze Marker on a Granite Base Made in Chicago, Illinois, Jewish Cemetery Monument Retail Showroom in Northern Chicago, Jewish Double Headstones and Monuments for Sale, Jewish Double Monument Design Pictures and Prices, Jewish Gravestone Designs, Pictures, Prices, Ordering Info, Jewish Headstone Designed by Kornick & Berliner Monument Company, Jewish Monuments Delivered to Cemeteries and Installed, Jewish Monuments: Designs, Pictures, Inscriptions, Prices, Kornick & Berliner Monument Company Serves Chicago's Jewish Community, Learn About Symbols and Imagery Engraved on Jewish Cemetery Gravestones, Learn How to Buy a Jewish Monument or Memorial Online, Learn How to Order a Jewish Grave Marker for a Cemetery, Monument Company That Designs and Sells Jewish Headstones, Monuments and Tombstones for Jewish Families in Chicago, IL, Monuments for Sale for Greater Chicagoland Jewish Cemeteries, Photos of Bevel Top Grave Markers for Jewish Families, Photos of Cemetery Monuments with Jewish Symbols and Prices, Photos of Jewish Headstones for Miami, Florida Cemeteries, Photos of Monuments That Mark Graves in Jewish Cemeteries, Photos, Pictures, Design Examples of Jewish Grave Markers, Pictures of Double Monuments for Jewish Families in Chicago, IL, Pictures of Jewish 24” Single Bevel Markers for Cemeteries, Pictures of Jewish Bevel, Hickey, Pillow Markers for Sale, Pictures of Jewish Grave Marker Designs, Epitaphs, Prices, Pictures of Upright Monuments with Jewish Imagery, Symbols, Pictures, Prices for Flat and Flush Jewish Grave Markers, Pillow (Bevel) Markers with Hebrew Lettering for Sale, Prices for Bevel Marker Monuments for Jewish Memorials, Purchase a Monument to Mark a Grave in a Jewish Cemetery, Request a Price Estimate for a Jewish Cemetery Monument, Single Bevel Shaped Granite Gravestones for Jewish Families, Single Slant Style Jewish Headstones for Sale in Miami, Florida, Talk to a Jewish Memorial Representative at Kornick & Berliner Monument, Talk to a Jewish Tombstone Counselor in Chicago, Illinois, Upright Companion Markers for Jewish Cemeteries for Sale, Upright Heart Shaped Cemetery Monuments for Sale in Miami, Where Jewish Families in Chicago Purchase Cemetery Memorials, Where to Buy a Jewish Gravestone in Chicago, Illinois, Buy a Flat Grave Marker That Lays Flat With The Ground, Buy a Flat Marker to Place Over a Grave in a Cemetery, City Monument Sells Flat Markers That Identify Burial Plots, Flat Grave Markers Made from Gray Granite for Sale, Grade Level Flat Grave Markers for Sale in United States, Granite Color Options for Grave Markers for Sale.

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