is lucy gray president coin

is lucy gray president coin

Mockingjay - Part 1Mockingjay - Part 2 Lucy Gray is President Coins Mother. assuming she spent the rest of her life in 13, her covey culture would have disintegrated, More posts from the thehungergames community. Who else would know the songs to pass down to Katniss? save hide report. no, and i think if lucy did survive she would go back to the covey as she specifically said she couldnt do it alone. President Alma Coins parentage Discussion. Lucy apologized to him for having to deal with her baggage and, amused, he replied that it was in the stars.The next day, the group set off on the journey to the lake. Does anyone think that Lucy grey could be President Coin? 50% Upvoted. Press J to jump to the feed. After Katniss' sister Prim was killed in a bomb drop orchestrated by Coin, Katniss showed up at Snow's execution, seemingly to kill him, but shot and killed Coin instead. Dammu Telugu Movie Watch Online Dailymotion, Farm Town To City Apk, It can be speculated that the key difference between Coin and her enemy Snow is that Snow was far more careful with the power he obtains than she was - she overplayed her hand, and the consequences destroyed her. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Outlander Book 10 Summary, Ip Ps4 Booter, Also, coin was so much different from Lucy Gray that I feel like it would be weird if it was her or her daughter. What if Maude Ivory is Katniss’s grandma? 19 Jet Boat For Sale, EDIT: Oh, wait. I would guess Seneca is 30-40 years old during the events of THG, that would mean if his parents were 20-30 when he was born it would mean Arachnes sibling would have been 16-20 years old during the Events of BSS. Probably my most out there theory, but since Lucys fate is uncertain and the amount of hate Coin have for Snow, It would need to come from somewhere. While I like this theory. Suzuki Intruder 1400 Compression Release, How To Measure Disc Harrow Blades, Occupation She had two older siblings. Not likely. The mockingjays then picked up her song and he realized the deviousness of her plan, using them to cover for her. Smooth Fleece Vs Cozy Fleece, Snow broke her trust with Sejanus so she has a motive to end the games and end Snow. I have seen the theory that Lucy Gray is Coins mother which would match up age wise, and could be more possible . Om606 Rebuild Kit, What Do Baby Coots Eat, The only clue is her footprints in the snow. Before Katniss leaves for the Capitol, Prim makes her promise to try hard to win the Games. Although no specific description is given of her speech within the novel, in a clip introducing the character, author Suzanne Collins read her as having an accent like those from the Deep South region of the United States. What Do Sumatran Tigers Eat, Before I start: MAJOR spoiler alert. Heather Morris Diet, Every interaction is filled with anxious thoughts as he fights to keep up his charming facade.Moving from a female lead to the standard male antihero was always going to feel like a step backward.Moving from a female lead to the standard male antihero was always going to feel like a step backward. Cdl General Knowledge Test 2, Home She was deceptively intelligent, to the point of arrogance, and was able to outthink President Snow himself, who didn't realize her plan until it was already in action. The timing just does not match up. Mike It's actually more like 60-65 years before the other 3 books. He walked outside, searching for her, and realized that she must have figured out that Plinth was the third person he killed. Irish Setter Mix Puppies, Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Press J to jump to the feed. St Lucian Patois Translator, After Katniss recuperated, she snuck into the Capitol without Coin's knowledge. How To Prune Blue Chalk Sticks, 50's The crowd descends. A community for The Hunger Games Trilogy young adult fiction series by Suzanne Collins and the upcoming feature film adaptation by Color Force & Lionsgate. She is not seen again after this, although it is unclear whether she was killed by Snow, or she ran away. Who Is Kellita Smith Mother, Posted by 1 month ago. Snow returns to District 12, and finds out he has been selected for officer training. She was also struck by the mayor, and the mark is described as a deep purple bruise, which Lucy Gray says she can only imagine 'how hideous' it looks. In my dream ending Lucy Gray survives and took the Covey to another district to escape from District 12. How To Make A Photo Wall Vsco, Andersen 3000 Series Fullview Retractable Aluminum Storm Door, Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. What Should Be Done Onboard A Vessel During A Lightning Storm, Alma Coin I have just finished The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and really enjoyed it and as I was nearing the end and the characters started mentioning that there were people in the north I started to wonder whether this was the first mention of district 13 having survived this then lead to me to wonder if Lucy Gray had escaped to district 13 and assume the alias of Alma Coin.

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