itsuki 10 feh

itsuki 10 feh

Itsuki: Finding a Path; Other Changes . In AR, you’re going to want to kill every yune, thrasir, etc.

If you want to make him into a strictly enemy phase hero, give him a stance/breath skill and qr. Giving them free reign to double him is a big problem. It’s a ton of fun to have a 23 damage Bonfire on essentially a 1 turn CD. I think Lull Atk/x will generally be his best B-slot, because if he runs Null-C, he dies to Ophelia. Astram for better team support, Itsuki for better bulk/dragon slaying. I’ll probably try it first when he’s a bonus unit in arena before inheriting lull atk/def 3, but I’m pretty sold on Lull atk/def 3 being one of best B-slots - I think that’s a safe inherit. too. He’d always be run with B!Lucina for instant high power Noontimes and even more stats.

Honestly both are good, and if you don't have all Astram copies or if you don't care about spending more grails, then just go for whichever you like the most. Artwork of Itsuki: Finding a Path from Heroes. Feh's birthday, January 18th, is the date which Fire Emblem: Heroes was first announced in 2017. Lull atk/def is fine against firesweep bows - they don’t hit too hard. You can build for speed but it will be a short term investment probably. So I’m just deciding through instantly taking down mages before they get 1 hit in, or generally taking less damage and dealing more.

His Mirage partner is Chrom. In my opinion, this build is worth running since it is based around speed which is the only stat that Itsuki truly lacks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. you can too - simplify that battlefield quickly. Definitely need a solution for those in other comps ideally, or find ways to bait so you can player phase Ophelia.
I will try to make a little video about him if I had some times.

I for example don’t have a high-end red DC unit, so that’s what I’m going to do with him - I’ll just give him DC, lul atk/def and make sure he has access to speed buffs. Itsuki is one of the characters added to the game in the A Star Is Born update, and was made available to players in the twenty-fourth edition of the Tempest Trials+, as yet unnamed, which initially ran from January 21, 2020 through January 31, 2020.

If you have questions about this removal, please reach out to us in modmail. A subreddit dedicated to Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo's 3rd mobile title released on February 2nd, 2017. I'll take on the role. But if you have another comp to deal with Ophelia, Null-C is better. He can reach 42 speed with this set. Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, including keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose. Itsuki cannot.

Unfortunately, even with trying to correct for his speed, he still loses the vast majority of 41+ spd units being released, and he’ll have a tough time with Ayra and the like, assuming they are fully invested in.

At least with this build he’s a pure wall def thx to his weapon. Social media: Get in touch with Fire Emblem Wiki on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord! Support is still a valuable Niche to have.

Itsuki's page on the Japanese official website, Fire Emblem Heroes: Mini Acrylic Figure Collection,, Playable characters in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, Playable characters in Fire Emblem Heroes.

FEH Q&A. Feh's design seems to be a mixture of a great horned owl and a snowy owl.

Press J to jump to the feed. (I think) FEH Fluff.

Both phases. My other two core units are L!Hector and L!Tiki if that helps. 18: May 13, 2020 Sothis Abyssal Team Help. He needs to drop DC to fix that, and that’s a skill I don’t think he wants to part with. This is a tier list for the best 4 Star Heroes to Unlock Potential for in FEH. His statline makes him a blank slate more or less, so you can make him suit your current needs. A kindly leader to his comrades. ...I won't doubt myself anymore. It's down to these two since they're the only two accessible reds that score above the Duel skill threshold. He’s going to be absolutely fine running qr3 when player-phasing against most greens and a bunch of reds without any kind of specific player-phase investment, so I think going all-in with an enemy-phase build makes the most sense - let the rest of his teammates deal with blues and such in arena. From Fire Emblem Wiki, your source on Fire Emblem information. This page is dedicated to showing the newest hero evaluations and reroll ratings, as well as story walkthrough information.

share. I think Astram is the better choice simply because he's a ghb and he's cheaper if you still have all the copies, if you don't it depends on what you need. A high-schooler, he is a childhood friend of Tsubasa Oribe. Classic but it works. 5: May 27, 2020 Mirror Stance 3 Itsuki? I’m considering going the Vantage route with him, though I do have a Dimitri lying around.

10: June 29, 2020 I freakin love Itsuki. Warding Stance 4 helps a bit - he’ll deal with the unmerged red and blue tomes just fine, but the +10 glass cannons will still take him out. Astram or Itsuki for +10 Arena core? This page was last edited on 11 September 2020, at 04:37. But I think Warding Stance 4 is a better option but I don’t want to fodder my unique F!Berkut because his base weapon already confers easily +3 atk and def. Only one variation of Itsuki Aoi is currently available in Heroes, based on his Carnage form in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore; Itsuki is notably the first instance in which the primary variation of a game's primary lead character is not part of the normal summoning pool and is instead distributed via non-summoning means. He is not as interested in an entertainment career as his friends, but decides to participate anyway at the encouragement of his friends. My current thinking is that Lull atk/spd 3 and a spd-based seal are not as good as lull atk/def 3 and qr3.

Itsuki Aoi, Lord of Fortuna (Best ending)

I think higher tiers in arena you run into more +10 dragon loli teams, so Itsuki can help with that coverage. Is this a decent low budget Itsuki build? Artwork of Itsuki from Fire Emblem Cipher. He will need a support unit to buff his Res further (at the very least) and also buff his atk or spd (the opposite of what’s in the seal slot). 3 comments. I’m only thinking about arena right now :P In AR, because of a predictable meta, we can plan around his spd, sure.

I would miss Matthew in this instance - he tanks Ophelia really well. Itsuki Aoi (pronounced /ˈɪtski ˈaʊi/[key][1]; Japanese: 蒼井 樹 Itsuki Aoi) is a Mirage Master, and the protagonist of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. In the aftermath of the incident, he began to seriously consider a career in show business. Now in Arena it’s a different story, but I find Arena way too easy to really care about that. and as I already mentioned, most Dragons that you will actually have trouble with are also armors, so just bring an armor slayer and Itsuki's Dragonslaying suddenly isn't valuable. Normal B03 Booster Box Promo Promo Pack 4. Other than Ophelia and Reinhardt, he’s got good game against the rest of them. FEH Fluff. Additional notes: more details can be found in the in-game notification. Pair him with B!Lucina and give him Ignis and he can tank & kill a lot of melee threats. I came up with this one below seeing as I have a spare dual fort, but all ideas are appreciated! Itsuki has better bulk and his dragon effectiveness is very useful as dragons are still common.

Serious Discussion. 100% Upvoted. In arena, dc/vantage with a brazen can be a perfectly good strategy for him. The quest completion counter shown above Quests & Missions on the Home screen will no longer include completed Feh Pass Quests for players who are not subscribed to the Feh Pass. DC is actually his best defense - taking one hit, retaliating and killing them before they can get that second hit in (which is often a special).

FEH Q&A. This build just focuses on scoring as it’s the only thing that really matters in Arena.

It does ignore his unique bulk a bit - I’d like to take advantage of that - but it’s worth trying.

Dc, ruptured sky, lull atk/def 3, and quick riposte 3 seal will get you started in arena. He also has dragon effectiveness built into his weapon and more well-rounded stats.

15: March 3, 2020 My first ever infernal one turn! If you want a mixed phase unit, give him fort or solo skills + lul or whatever. Ask your question again in weekly general discussion megathread, found here. Not much to say here. Arena build for OHKOing literally every dragon in the game (even +10 whale dragons) if Ruptured sky is proced. Although fr I really am looking into merging him, he has an excellent prf and I don’t really have a dedicated dragon killer besides B!Alm and that’s just his base kit, Looks at my Spd/Res Solo and Rouse Atk/Def, Mirage Falchion, repo, Aether/noontime/sol, DC, QR, atk smoke, stance or something. Also, there are approximately two bilion itsuki posts on this forum in case you need more inspiration. Besides, if my Male Corrin can reliable beat/tank Winter Sothis or Nagi and other beefy green units with zero problems without a dedicated player-phase build - just relying on fury 4 bst - I’m sure Itsuki will have no problems once fully invested in. I think that almost anything that you can come up with will work (don’t quote me on that tho).

(Assist is a dual rally for arena and whatever I feel like for other modes). Itsuki gained a newfound confidence after playing the part of Marth in "Fire Emblem."

If you want a DC tank, give him DC + null. Both phases.
DC helps kill Alm, brave lyn, etc. Checked it for base kits and still KOs with plenty of overkill to account for other builds. This section has been marked as a stub. He is not as interested in an entertainment career as his friends, but decides to participate anyway at the encouragement of his friends.

Fortress Def/res is also a great alternative for a mixed tank build. Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/FireEmblemHeroes. Itsuki succeeded Maiko as president of Fortuna Entertainment, and though his first days were a shaky start, he grew to lead Fortuna and its members to success and fame. Use this tier list to know whether or not the 4 star heroes you pulled should be rerolled, or if you want to find out who the best 4 star heroes are. Choosing between Mirage Falchion and Wo Dao was hard, but I settled on the latter in the end for more visible Res and enough HP to avoid Panic Manors.

When it comes to general tanking, the problem with fort def/res or steady stance 4 is that a lot of red and blue tome units still have the upper hand on him. For now, I think Spd/Res Bond 3 or Atk/Spd Bond 3 (or something similar) are his best 2 seals in AR (Unlike Arena, there’s no real need for Quick Riposte 3).

Perhaps this is what Itsuki has truly learned from Chrom and his friends; the leadership and strength of a Lord. Please help improve the page by adding information.

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