los angeles ham radio frequencies

los angeles ham radio frequencies

It comes complete with a “rubber duck” antenna that attaches to the top but with the addition of a small adapter (listed in the “what you will need” section below), you can also attach it to any antenna of the proper wavelength! However, marine radio use (transmission) is legal for maritime purposes ONLY, unless all you do is listen. The "435" repeater is famous for lively discussion on controversial subjects. Fortunately, the UV-5AR is inexpensive enough that it may allow some to purchase two or more to keep in a Faraday cage if desired, at least giving a means of radio to radio communication locally. See respective listings under Trunked Radio System and Hospital headers in Database below. Coax:  RG8x (50 ohm) 50 ft. Located in Southern California, 147.450 (referred to as "450"), is the only real "Renegade Radio" free speech amateur repeater. Instead, only a beeping tone is broadcast to signify to the field units that someone is talking. For all planned meetings, see the Our Club page. Frequency Offset Tone In / Out Location County Call Use; 147.4500-1.035 MHz: 127.3: Los Angeles, Contract Point: Los Angeles: W6NUT: OPEN: 224.0400-1.6 MHz: Los Angeles This allows you to use a “standard” piece of coax in between the antenna and your radio. The repeater is on 448.040 MHz as it's primary frequency during activations under the authority of the National Weather Service. Click here to download. Not only do most of these classes give an in-depth study but they also allow you to meet others interested in HAM radio (many of which are probably survival oriented just like you) as well as having the opportunity to ask actual questions of the instructor…something the free guide above cannot offer. Discussion Group, November 4, 2020, 6:30 PM: Pasadena Radio Club weekly net (*), March 26, 2021: CQ WW WPX Contest SSB (*), June 26, 2021: Field Day (June 27-28) (*). $100…$200…$300? amateur radio repeaters at, around, or near Los Angeles. Anyone with an interest in ham radio is invited to join our club, a great way to experience the benefits of knowing others with similar interests, whether you are directly involved in amateur radio operations, or have a more general interest in the topic. This feed was primarily designed to provide for working incidents in the south Orange County and north San Diego county / Camp Pendelton area. Proudly Serving Amateur Radio Since 1927. Available in paperback and Amazon kindle. Get the Slim Jim for permanent or temporary stationary operation. Another great (but optional) accessory is a plug-in microphone/speaker. When I tried to search the ARRL site for a testing location close to where I live all I came up with were places at least 75 miles away! This antenna is entirely handmade and is of the highest quality craftsmanship. NOW….I know what you are thinking. 2-METER WEEKLY NET — every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Click here for more information. Click Here to register on the FCC’s FRN registration page. Copyright © 2019 MD Creekmore - All rights reserved. At one point in time not too long ago, the HAM radio hobby was losing popularity caused, according to some, by the advent of the cell phone. From what I read, these are pretty much all the same…only with small differences in the internal firmware. Each of five Mutual Aid channels covers a different part of the county and allows sheriff's units to coordinate with neighboring municipal police departments when one agency is assisting another. 23 - Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools Complex, Ch. Sometimes I can hit this repeater and once I do, I am able to talk to other HAMS located near Middlesboro, Kentucky which is 85 miles west of Holston Mountain and much further from my home. It will answer a lot of questions and make your use of the little radio much more enjoyable, plus it has good information about using CHIRP. Don’t rely on the clips that come with it for hard use. When I arrived at the site I was very pleased to meet a fine group of people all interested in helping me get my license. Also, when you take the practice test(s) the questions will be the exact questions you will see on the real test. (the higher the better…more about this later)  As you will note on the order form, you are given your choice of end connector. We operated from the Art Center College of Design, Hillside Campus. When you bought your firearms to defend your family and your homestead, did you simply sit them in the corner and look at them and never learn how to use them? It could be on top of a building, or on top of a mountain, or on top of a tall tower. Downtown LA Rail Operations (Blue & Expo Lines), Facilities-Security (phone-patch capable), Freeway Service Patrol (Patch TRS TG1584 Base only), Gold Line Rail Operations (East LA-Pasadena), Gold Line Rail Operations (Pasadena-Azusa), Police Department and Parking Enforcement Dispatch, California Institute of Technology (Security), Housing Security / Community Service Officers, Campus Safety Ch 5 - Administration Personnel. He got the cable and takes care of them for all of us. Adapter & Coax:    Simply put, if you use the “Slim Jim” antenna then you MUST have an adapter to attach it (or a longer piece of coax) to the UV-5RA. GLAARG might be able to arrange a VE Session for a group – contact naomi@glaarg.org to request a session. Below you will find the necessary items discussed above, what they cost me and the direct link where you can get them. Voted #1 Best Radio Website (2009 Users Choice Award) Forums Map Search Database Search Live Audio Alerts Wiki Los Angeles County Scanner Frequencies (CA) Scanner frequencies for Los Angeles County CA If you are going to stick with the small “rubber duck” antenna, simply screw it into the top of the radio and you are finished! Suppose you and your friend(s) want to carry on a conversation. PS I love my Baofeng UV5R and plan to get a couple more and set up a Faraday box for them and some accessories. North - Headquartered at Zuma Beach and provides ocean lifeguard services between Big Rock(Malibu) and Nicholas Canyon (Ventura County line). , at the bottom of 6th Street in San Pedro, CA. http://glaarg.org/ve_sessions/ The exam fee is $5 for in-person exams and $10 for remotely administered exams. Also, try not to mount the antenna close to any large metal objects as this can lessen the receive/transmit ability of the antenna. LARTCS has ability to cross-connects different radio channels over various radio frequency bands, throughout Los Angeles and surrounding counties. It takes either 4 times the power or 4 times the antenna to make an unreadable signal become readable with some difficulty at the far end. GLAARG is a VEC testing organization, not a radio club. Los Angeles Area Council of Amateur Radio Clubs (LAACARC), of every month, except December, at 7:00 p.m. at the Walnut Center location of Kaiser Permanente, 393 E. Walnut Street, Pasadena, ). Each L-TAC channel corresponds with (and is secondary to) one or more dispatch channels. I have no way of verifying this other than what I read but considering the elevation of the repeater tower I would not rule out the possibility. For use as a handheld, replace the standard rubber duck with an 18-inch quarter wave, 36-inch half wave with a matching network, or a 45 inch 5/8 wave with loading coil, and set the power level down to the lowest readable setting to conserve your batteries. During crisis situations amateur radio operators do this regularly, having specific organizations set up for such a purpose. I noticed that some of the prices are up and some down between the time I ordered mine about 3 months ago and now. I think mine was around $5.00 which still brought me in under $120.00 total! Shipping on the antenna will vary depending on where you live. To those individuals I say…please bear with me and forgive my oversimplifications and PLEASE, jump in and add your expertise or correction should you feel it is warranted. Someday I hope to be able to talk these great distances but holding only a technician license at this point, the likelihood of talking to someone halfway around the world is slim. Covering LA, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura Counties. 28 - Beaudry District Administrative Headquarters - Engineering, Ch. SCRRBA has provided frequency coordination of these activities since 1970.

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