maharam discontinued fabrics

maharam discontinued fabrics

Designed by long-time Schiavello collaborator Ivan Woods, the Karo collection is simple and honest in its purpose. Each piece can stand alone or be combined with others to provide a place for work, play and relaxation in home and office environments. It is definitely our favorite and best-selling brand. Since 2014, the collaboration between Kvadrat and fashion designer Raf Simons has brought a fresh sensibility to textiles for the home. >> Kvadrat Maharam worked with Woods Bagot and project management firm GMP to bring the interiors to life, providing nearly 7500 metres of textiles for walls, joinery and loose furniture throughout The Westin. /Type /Font Maharam Digital Projects is a curated assemblage of large-scale wall installations created by emerging and established artists, photographers, illustrators, fashion and graphic designers. His design approach is largely intuitive, with people and their experiences of a space a central focus for him. “Kvadrat shares Land Rover’s ethos and desire to continually innovate, to offer more curated customer choice and to define the future of luxury materials in our respective design industries.”. Introducing Songbird and Wool Check, two upholstery textiles designed by Paul Smith in collaboration with Maharam. Where she invites guests to walk through these editorially arranged sets, that bring the collective of designers together to celebrate colour, texture and sound. Foster + Partners have specified Soft Cells panels throughout the Samson Pavilion in Ohio, which is designed for Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic. Its updated palette has been refined into 20 colourways. Triangular and upholstered in Toto, they deliver an acoustic environment that facilitates collaboration. DE – 10557 Berlin, Opening hours “In this sometimes chaotic moment, we look to people who can lead culture to make sense of competing points of view, and to show us a way – or ways – forward. As the colours came out of the loom, I immediately felt comfortable and happy with them. As performance-based products, Cursive and Brim are woven of solution-dyed fibers, offering a high degree of color- and lightfastness and ease of cleanability. Its colour scale evokes memories of the 1970s with striking red, green and blue make-up shades. Leading Australian design and manufacturing brand Didier has selected the Kvadrat Maharam range for their latest collection, First BIte. A long-time collaborator with Kvadrat, the exhibition shed light on the artist’s painstaking methodology and the intriguing colour story behind his new palettes for Divina Melange and Campas 300. Wool Check takes a modern approach to traditional applications of plaid and is a return to Paul Smith’s signature exploration of colour. Each of the new Maharam leathers is processed by family-owned tanneries in Northern Italy and Spain to bring forth unique characteristics using specialized techniques that have been refined for generations. As a knitted textile, Planum features excellent stretchability, making it ideal for upholstering organic-shaped forms while minimising the number of seams. Ultimately, the Dutch designer landed on a simple and functional unisex shoulder bag for daily use, without forsaking her signature craft-like details. Studying the “intersection of the underground and the future,” Patrik presented 23 looks with a focus on outerwear. Guided by intricate tonal gradation, an expansive repeat of large-scale color blocking emulates one of Smith’s designs for apparel while emphasizing painterly transitions between highly specialized tones such as rose, carob, petal, mulch and ginger within a single colorway. Unique in the segment, the Velar offers a sustainable premium interior with Kvadrat textiles, as an alternative to leather. Consequently, they complement each other well. “Simplicity is always the key thing with any of our products. In addition to his prolific output at Herman Miller, Girard is noted for his all-encompassing designs of restaurants La Fonda del Sol (1960) and L’Etoile (1966); the Miller House in Columbus, Indiana (1957); and Braniff Airlines (1965). Consequently, its appearance may keep changing over the course of a day. Works from 19 designers from around the world made up Kvadrat’s exhibition My Canvas at this year’s London Design Festival at Somerset House. In celebration of the launch, Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi created the whimsical, expressive installation MASK, which will be on show at the Kvadrat showroom at Corso Monforte 15. 13 0 obj Febrik, founded in 2013 by Renee Merckx and Jos Pelders, is a specialist in knitted textiles for a wide range of applications. Crafted to work in harmony, the striated grid of Kyoto provides fluidity in its uniformity, which is beautifully balanced by the versatile, hopsack weave of Sumi. Explore the full Colline 2 collection here. Speaking of his collaboration with Kvadrat, Simons explains, “I was fascinated by how the colouration and weaving processes in fashion textiles don’t have the same limitations as those of furnishing textiles. The third journey in Materialising Colour explores the historic and contemporary power of indigo. x�ܽ|��8����:���t���I�^�S���$˶��l˸ɖ�p���Ԁ��BH�B!���!� =j1��8���O��ٷ{{*` ������;ow��+��͛�7�b�1�`by���̂+���W@j��>�#��ܫ U�sV���=�S�1k�@����7+������WV����Ʀ7��+Wo��ɓ�_���P��V�؞��k�����x�u������1���nh��'�u?ֿn��k��?�X{ �_{}����9����G��~�z@ĵ�̓��p��~����~��p��1G�ƓV�scZ�O�ʘ�h��i[,]�1���!��Mk?v�Ip�ܿl�I۶������+g1��–�k���� ���ŐVN����8�%�d����,�� X�V Industrial designer David Caon founded Sydney-based CAON in 2009 and has since worked on projects ranging from architecture and interiors to tableware and furnishings for the workplace and home. Merger is a colour story. /BaseFont /Helvetica With a strong turnout of 120 people, the showroom was transformed by a series of vignettes featuring designs by local talents Daniel Emma, Tom Fereday, Adam Goodrum, Grazia & Co, and Henry Wilson, upholstered in Maharam leather and styled by Emma Elizabeth. /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding The renowned Italian colourist Giulio Ridolfo has skillfully reimagined the colour palette of Kvadrat upholsteries Canvas 2 and Steelcut Trio 3 and the curtain textile Zulu 2 and will present the new Recheck, a refined woollen upholstery textile, inspired by traditional check patterns originating in women’s couture from the 1950’s. It is available in mustard, with an ivory collar printed with citrus, black and grey. ”Colline is a masterwork from Frans. ��� ���v�^����l�� 8Āl;�6v9�o���o���~�]�n���� �g��_|�=�w���)�{�/�� ��^����6{�{� ������r�+ ����&��^^ ����� �y�~�� Q$�"��\�-� ������,a����,����B���j�mƒ�y,�6cA�n�pq׌%yl���;�m��ד��Z�w/Z0�+�}G>ρ�)�\ �S���W����i���Y�. Location /Subtype /Type1 >> It’s used in theatres, in cinemas and by a lot of famous design companies all over the world. All three designs are made from 100 percent pure wool by skilled weavers from India and New Zealand. Atom is only the latest of the Kvadrat/Raf Simons textile designs to draw oblique inspiration from the colours of nature. full range of textiles and products on site. The diamond grid pattern of Novus 1 and Novus 2 was re-imagined as garden fencing in distinctly non-suburban colours. The partnership between Kvadrat Maharam and contemporary Australian furniture brand nau celebrates a shared respect for humble craftsmanship, tailored detailing and honest high-quality materials. Based in Ebeltoft since its foundation in 1968, Kvadrat’s current headquarters were commissioned from architects Poulsen & Therkildsen of Aarhus in 1980. Patio is suitable for all outdoor spaces, as well as other areas, like spas and indoor pools, where high-humidity and chlorine are a factor. Reflecting this, Kvadrat Soft Cells developed a special fitting so the light spots in the ceiling can be individually angled to accommodate the curvature of the ceiling as well as avoiding any reflection in the large window. It comes in curiosity-inspiring colours crafted by Dutch Design Studio Raw Color. They can be combined for varied seating arrangements or to guide people through a space. Snøhetta have worked with Kvadrat for many years and initiated a new collaboration with Kvadrat’s Custom Made Products department, CMP. Each Febrik textile has a strong colour expression on its own, and work in perfect harmony with Kvadrat textiles to provide an evenly balanced palette. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as photography, art, and fashion, Ridolfo gathers images colours, patterns and textures and then combines these different elements and expressions until he creates something new. Sturdy on the outside but with a hidden treasure inside, only visible for the user.”. Over the years they’ve come up with some of the most resilient and innovative fabric designs that you can find, and they draw upon this history in order to bring you fresh designs for both traditional and modern upholstery fabric. While Mesh utilises tightly interlocking textures and a unique palette to create subtle geometric movement, Tracery is a small-scale pattern using gridded and diagonal lines to enhance graphic and textural depth. A fusion of pattern   Alexander Girard (1907–1993) had a profound impact on 20th century visual culture. The My Canvas project, as a whole, displays kaleidoscopic creativity, reflecting the diversity of the group based on cultural vision. KnollTextiles News. Modern Fabrics sells original Maharam Upholstery, pillow, wallcovering fabric at discounted price. Clouds coat architecture in a more fluid yet dynamic way; bringing surprisingly colourful fabric windows to any room.’ Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Hella Jongerius’ first pieces for Danskina include ‘Bold’, ‘Duotone’ and ‘Multitone’.

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