o'sullivan's march lyrics

o'sullivan's march lyrics

Supplemented by soldiers from Limerick City itself, they caused many casualties and drove O’Sullivan and the survivors on to the mountains in Tipperary in a running battle. The crossing of the Shannon took place at the top of Lough Derg, near the village of Portumna. Escaping from Burke the ever-diminishing band came to the forest called Diamrach, or loneliness. The long march of O’Sullivan Beare was a daring mission to flee invading English forces to seek refugee from Irish clans in the north of Ireland. Carew and others don’t realize that when you are too cruel, it only makes the oppressed more desirous to someday kill you, witness what Israel has done to the Palestinians. To read the rest of the entries in this series, click here to go to the index. Eventually this brought him close to Glinsk Castle, controlled by the Burke’s. 4. The intent of the attacks would have been both military and opportunistic, as the slow-moving host would have been a ripe target for brigands as well as Carew and company. Though mostly unarmed, they heavily outnumbered the marchers, and O’Sullivan Beare was hesitant to confront them. Once Richard Tyrell and the last of his meagre force left the area (he had actually attacked civilians in Kerry as a result of feeling he had been betrayed by the McCarthys), O’Sullivan Beare was largely alone, with little chance of any support coming to him from outside the province. The O’Sullivans had 400 soldiers to protect 600 women, children, and servants who faced certain death on this dangerous march. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The English under Sir George Carew, well known for his ruthlessness, moved against the O’ Sullivan castle at Dunboy in 1602. Irish River Press. 8. One account claims O’Sullivan Beare made use of a false retreat tactic to put his enemy to (temporary) flight, allowing he and his followers to escape the danger. So, O’Sullivan was obliged to swing into Tipperary and pursue a curving path northwards past Lough Derg. The O’Sullivans had 400 soldiers to protect 600 women, children, and servants who faced certain death on this dangerous march. I have replicated their journey below to the best of my ability, with the green dots representing major camp sites, and the red dots representing major fights. The first major combat, aside from a few raids suffered near Millstreet, occurred as the group entered the east of Limerick, and came under attack from White Knight forces based out of Kilmallock. Only 35 of them entered Leitrim Castle. This was far closer to rebel territory, and the welcome the group received was probably friendlier here, or at least somewhat neutral. The river could not be forded, so O’Sullivan Beare took the measure of slaughtering the last of their horses and skinning them to make currachs (a small Irish boat).

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