plashet school staff

plashet school staff

Plashet School, Plashet School, Plashet Grove, East Ham, London, E6 1DG.

Welcome to Plashet School.

The school has considerably more female than male students, with 100% girls and 0% boys. We are a highly successful, oversubscribed comprehensive girl’s school situated in the heart of East Ham. Maths and English grades are weighted twice as much as other core subjects. Each school is graded on a four point scale: 1 being outstanding, 2 being good, 3 means they require improvement, and 4 signifying inadequate. Please view our Safeguarding Policy They have an excellent 96.5% attendance rate, which exceeds the typical rate for the country. A middle prior attainment band is defined being as 24 - 29.9 points in a pupil's results, calculated from KS2 prior attainment, calculated from the pupil's average points score for English, maths and science. Plashet School has 99 members of staff, which far exceeds the average. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expect all staff to share this commitment. A stimulating and challenging learning environment where we as staff are as active in, and committed to, our learning as our students. The number of pupils there are for each teacher. To generate a sense of ownership of the school by valuing contributions from all members of the school community. Plashet School has 99 members of staff, which far exceeds the average. Inspectors will sit in on classes, assessing each teacher's teaching ability. An Outstanding Initial Teacher Training programme including a dedicated team of highly qualified Specialist Leaders in Education and Lead Subject Practitioners. With 1349 pupils, Plashet School has a significantly higher than average number of pupils in the UK. The Core Purpose of Plashet School is to create an inclusive community of successful learners.

I’ve now retired after 36 years lecturing and teaching Art & Design. To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum within a stimulating environment. This is achieved through the following aims: Highly-motivated and well-behaved students; supportive parents; excellent teaching; and a caring school ethos that embraces the cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of its students. The government considers 5 good GCSE grades at grade A … The percentage of pupils who have attained 38 or more absences, over both the autumn term and the Spring term together.

Results from each subject are converted to a numeric value (A* = 8 and G=1). The average number of pupils in each class. A pupil will achieve a maximum score of 80 if they achieved A* in all 8 core subjects. Ofsted have been inspecting schools on a regular basis since 2005. Plashet School has an extremely small number of pupils who speak English as their 1st language, with only 8.8% of them doing so. The average full time teacher`s salary for the school is £45413 , which is higher than nationwide average. To ensure a high quality education for our students through the effective use of resources.

Plashet School. The total number of support staff who are permanently working at the school. Maths and English scores are doubled and then added onto the other 6 subjects. Mrs Jean Huddlestone (EHGS Staff 1946-50) from a letter to POSA.

After I attended Plashet I went to Walthamstow School of Art 1959-63, and Royal Academy Schools 1963-66. Percentage of pupils who attained a pass grade - that is an A* to C grade, in both English and Maths. Overcoming learning inequalities and improving learning outcomes for all within our school community is what makes us tick. A Low prior attainment band is defined as being below 24 points in a pupil's results, calculated from KS2 prior attainment, calculated from the pupil's average points score for English, maths and science. Our mission statement “working together to promote and celebrate achievement” underpins all we do. The number of pupils who, for whatever reason, be it expulsion, or electing to be educated elsewhere, left the school during the last year. To ensure all students have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their development. A high prior attainment band is defined as over 30 points in a pupil's results, calculated from KS2 prior attainment, calculated from the pupil's average points score for English, maths and science.

This School has a very low (pupil to teacher) ratio, which permits the teacher to give more focused attention in a smaller class size. A high achieving, over-subscribed girls’ school producing excellent rates of student progression and examination results rated Outstanding by Ofsted since 1999. This score indicates how the pupils have performed in the 8 core subjects. Plashet School, Plashet School, Plashet Grove, East Ham, London, E6 1DG. Students are keen to learn and staff are able to teach creatively to meet the needs of all students. This is the average GCSE grade for the 8 core subjects. The average number of GCSEs, and equivalents (such as BTEC's and NVQ's) taken by each pupil. They will also evaluate the way the current curriculum is implemented, and how the progress of each student is tracked throughout their tenure. Rachel McGowan: Head Teacher: Tomas O Donnell: Deputy Head Teacher: Stephanie George Those schools attaining an outstanding or good grade might not be re-inspected for as long as five years; while those receiving lower grades will be reassessed with greater frequency, with little or no notice prior to the inspectors arriving. The percentage of pupils who have English as a 1st language. Claim this noticeboard and post your latest news here for our readers, Pupils achieving more A*-C in English and Maths, Average number of GCSEs (incl. The total number of pupils who remain enrolled in the school at the end of KS4.

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