port orford cedar lumber near me

port orford cedar lumber near me

It’s the strongest of all cedars, and outperforms Redwood and Ponderosa Pine, as well. 10"1/8 X 77"3/4 X 9/4 (NWT-2573A), MUSICAL PORT ORFORD WHITE CEDAR OLD GROWTH V.G. Its texture remains smooth with no raised grain or splintering, and it´s durability makes it ideal for use in high-traffic outdoor sites. 1.610.932.3130 / Fax, Monday-Friday / 8am-5pm EST Since 1987 we have taken pride in offering the finest California redwood and clear vertical grain cedar available to ensure … Take your interior or exterior applications to the next level with POC tongue and groove paneling. 7"3/4 X 54"3/4 X 10/4 (NWT2462A), MUSICAL PORT ORFORD WHITE CEDAR OLD GROWTH V.G. Our 2” line allows you to put this hard-working beauty to work in a wide variety of applications. Whether your restoration project demands that you match decades old materials or you just want something completely unique in your home, we can customize the perfect look for you. Port Orford Cedar is favored by the Japanese for its wonderful work ability. 11"1/2 X 24"1/2 X 2"3/16 (NWT-2498A), MUSICAL OLD GROWTH PORT ORFORD WHITE CEDAR V.G. East Fork Lumber Company, a family owned sawmill in Myrtle Point, Oregon, specializes in Port Orford Cedar, Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir lumber. 9"1/2 X 23"3/4 X 1"3/4 (NWT6520), MUSICAL FIGURED PORT ORFORD WHITE CEDAR OLD GROWTH BILLET V.G. 7"1/2 X 60"3/4 X 10/4 (NWT-2588A), MUSICAL PORT ORFORD WHITE CEDAR OLD GROWTH V.G. A list and an appointment will save you a significant amount of time. 9"3/4 X 24" X 1"13/16 (NWT5323), MUSICAL PORT ORFORD WHITE CEDAR OLD GROWTH V.G. This makes it simple to imitate mahogany and other higher priced woods and why its used in cabinetry making to keep costs down while maintaining high quality and durability. We offer a variety of patterns to meet your needs. Mill Outlet Lumber 4811 S Tyler St Tacoma, WA 98409. 1.888.814.0007 / Toll Free (USA) 200 Whiteside Drive © 2020 Northwest Timber. 6"1/2 X 57"1/2 X 10/4 (NWT2464A), MUSICAL PORT ORFORD WHITE CEDAR OLD GROWTH V.G. Note: all pictures are meant for a general grade description. 8"3/8 X 24" X 1"7/8 (NWT9986), MUSICAL PORT ORFORD WHITE CEDAR OLD GROWTH V.G. It gets its name from the coastal town of Port Orford Oregon. Add to Cart . If you want to see a more defined grade image, please let us know. | Created by KLH Technology Solutions, Hours: 5 days a week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Port-Orford-cedar (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana)—also known as white or Oregon-cedar, ginger-pine, or Lawson cypress—is widely known and recognized for its horticultural uses and the quality of its wood.Its species name, lawsoniana, honors Charles Lawson (1794-1873), the Edinburgh nurseryman who first introduced the species to horticulture.

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