prosperity line in palmistry

prosperity line in palmistry

On the contrary, a crooked line points Out of all the lines present in your palm, four major lines are predominantly studied This doesn’t mean anything bad, just that your destiny has something else for you. These minor lines can reveal an individual's talents, strengths and weaknesses, and interests. you’re connected etc. are seen during Hand Reading: Air Hands: These kinds of hands are identified as a square-shaped palm with The temple is quite a rare symbol and when it appears, it suggests a state of blissful realizations. The life line may not be the line that jumps out at you most when viewing the palm of your hand, but to palmists, it just may be the single most important part of your palm. stays, criss-crosses tell about possible accidents, forked line tells about chronic Surya Rekha is considered a symbol of prosperity and prosperity in a person’s life. your palms in order to assess your character and future. Sun line descends from the base of the ring finger to a little above the wrist : Lucky person, Without a sun line: No name and fame and wealth, Sun line ends at heart line: Generous person, Sun line ends at head line: Scholar, wise and intelligent, Sun line ends at fate line: Popularity at that age, Sun line goes towards Saturn mount : Bad name, Double sun line bending towards Saturn : Bad sign like the previous one, A good fate line but a small or no sun line : Lives well but no reputation, Sun line ends at life line : A famous person, Sun line goes to moon mount : A popular leader, singer, actor etc, Sun line goes to Secondary Mars : A high ranked military or police officer, Sun line stops at the plain of mars : The person needs to struggle for prosperity, Sun line divides like a fork at start or end : A happy and wealthy life, Sun line looks like a chain : Obstacles in education, fame etc, Gaps on sun line : Jack of all trades, but master of none, Cross on sun line : Very bad sign indicating downfall and loss of reputation, depression, Star sign on sun line : Very lucky to get help from friends, Island sign on sun line : Troubles in reputation and wealth, Wavy sun line : Learned person but unwise, A line from primary mars cuts the sun line : May become a subject of cheating by relatives, A line from venus cuts the sun line : Troubles from opposite sex, A line from mercury cuts the sun line : Abundance of wit, but unsteady mind, Sun line descends from the mount of sun and ends at the bracelet line : Lucky in gambling or betting, A line from sun line goes to mount of saturn : income in multiple ways, A short and crossed sun line : Flickering minded, Triangle formed at intersection of sun line with head(20-40 age) or heart(40+ age) line : International fame at that age. The presence of a trident on your hand is a sure indication that you will always be in a position of some power, and that you will become a very influential person. Without sun line, a person leads an ordinary life, without any name and fame. has provided some necessary information on how to practise the art of Palmistry. Also, you are likely to remain head over heels The presence of fame line gives a boost to the existing fate line. Palmistry is the study of the palm of the hand and is an ancient art practised across many cultures and many areas of the world. The METAL ELEMENT HAND A missing Sun Line doesn't necessarily mean you will be unlucky or unsuccessful, but you may not have the natural good fortune someone with a Sun Line has. engraved on their palms. There are four types of hands representing four different elements. These lines give us clues about a person's health, prosperity and longevity. The longer the line, the more wealth and fame an individual will accumulate: if it runs all the way from the ring finger to the wrist, expect a life of great enjoyment, luxury and renown! Star on Fame line indicates a lot of positive energy and after certain period of time, it gives person glory which will last even after the native’s death. The left hand reveals a lot about who you really are inside. Thus the appearance of hands, feet and head – the five extremities – offer clues to the destiny of any individual. A short Sun Line indicates a normal life, without any huge fame but also without any huge problems. Know what the sun line indicates in your life. is used to perform all the necessary tasks, is taken into consideration for Hand It tends to mean an individual will lead a reclusive and unhappy life due to their serious nature. Usually fate line indicates the luck of a person, but even without the presence of fate line he can conquer the world, if he has a deep, straight, unbroken and uncut fame line. You can also find potential for advancement in IT, the legal profession, mining, as well as in the automobile industries. According to Vedic Astrology, the dominant hand of an individual i.e, the hand which An island at the start of a Child Line suggests they will have very ill health at the beginning of their life.

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