road construction interview questions and answers pdf

road construction interview questions and answers pdf

In CBR test the value of CBR is calculated at a) 0.4 % Which of the following premix methods is used for base course ? Do you have employment gaps in your resume? b) More the value of CBR, greater thickness of pavement will be required. c) impact test Question 29. These human pathways would have been developed for specific purposes leading to camp sites, food, streams for drinking water etc. The British engineer John Macadam introduced what can be considered as the first scientific road construction method. List Six Items Of Information Which Should Be Included In The Safety File? Home » HIGHWAY ENGINEERING Questions » 300+ TOP HIGHWAY Engineering Objective Type Questions and Answers, 1. Various control measures like traffic signals, providing roundabouts and medians, limiting the speed of vehicle at specific zones etc. How well do you pay attention to details? The invention of wheel in Mesopotamian civilization led to the development of animal drawn vehicles. b) only on the opposite side of hill Can you get things done? b) 3.5 m Ans: b, 131. Please send all highway que. After exposure to weather conditions which may affect it. d) Psychological extra widening depends on the speed of vehicle. d) 45 % d) availability of funds for the construction project Ans: c, 128. The roads were divided into four classes: National highways which would pass through states, and places having national importance for strategic, administrative and other purposes. They recommended the construction of star and grid pattern of roads throughout the country. c) 20 lux For the design of super elevation for mixed traffic conditions, the speed is reduced by Question 33. And answer in mail id…. d) 1 in 60 The interviewers want to know more about you and so there is little point in trying to pretend a stronger interest in something than you really have. d) longitudinal joints d) none of the above c) 440 m a) upto 10% Which of the following is known as design capacity ? d) zero Emma Hale, a chartered engineer and interviewer at Mott McDonald says, 'Everyone's a bit nervous coming into an interview. d) dry rolling, application of screening, application of filler and wet rolling d) 180m d) origin and destination studies Then it became necessary that the road surface should be capable of carrying greater loads. c) greater than the cross slope of pavement d) 10 c) of same colour as that of the pavement Ans: a, 73. d) first decreases and then increases after reaching a minimum value at optimum speed Take the time to think. b) kerosene oil Why Wear Hard Hats (safety Helmets) On Building Sites? b) in roadways meant for two way traffic Question 34. b) decrease in both speed and radius of curve c) Minimum and maximum values of group index can be 0 and 20 respectively. Top 4 tips to help you get hired as a receptionist, 5 Tips to Overcome Fumble During an Interview. Ans: b, 38. Development of new equipments help in the faster construction of roads. c) condition diagram c) 3.8 NV”2 Question2: What 2 precautions are necessary in an area where work may take place on a fragile roof? Focus on your academic and work background and why you want to work for the employer. c) one side and proceed to other side What are the various types of risks in construction projects? c) Psychological extra widening depends on the length of wheel base. a) 1 in 12 a) based on allowable rate of change of centrifugal acceleration if u have any question set for comeptitive exam civil engineering please sent to me…. A traffic rotary is justified where Chrysotile (White), Raise the standard of safety awareness in the construction industry, Ensure that all site personnel undergo basic health and safety awareness training. b) diverging to the left side and merging from right The next major mode of transport was the use of animals for transporting both men and materials. Ans: b, 20. Question 9. d) 100 mm The pavement used 200 mm pieces of quarried stone of a more compact form and shaped such that they had at least one flat side which was placed on a compact formation. Equivalent factor of passenger car unit (PCU) for a passenger car as per IRC is What the interviewer enjoys most about their job. a) longitudinal gradient d) none of the above The alignment and support of the standards. Question 26. The maximum limit of water absorption for aggregate suitable for road construction is All questions are good and asked in most competitive exams. Centre line markings are used d) 1000 vehicles per hour, thank you for sharing…please send me in pdf format, all quations abave listed is very use full for full construction workers, please help me and send me all qwestions and answers about transportation engineering on my e-mail address!thank u, please send me question and answer in pdf.

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