silver dice persona 4

silver dice persona 4

Talk to Ms. Sofue on Classroom Building 2F I don’t use her often during the early game, but you may be interested. End Intimate: Option A, A or B Courage UP Yosuke: “Dude’s seriously going for it… Hey man, you gotta stop him.” Talk to Older Twin at Shopping District South Ask her out (Requires Courage Rank Brave) Any options (WAQX2: Why don’t I need a Death Persona?). Bronze Dice (ブロンズダイス, Buronzudaisu)? Expression Rank Up! Option B: “Three” Bad Ending 3: Get it wrong, Narrator: Should you tell your friends about your suspicions about SPOILER being the culprit? Courage GREATLY UP Courage GREATLY UP Read Man-God Option A: “Geometric shapes.” Dropped by Steel Machine at Void Quest 8-9F, Escapist Soldier 49 Acquire a Training Shell Give Training Shell Complete! Solution: Find the girl's twin. Any options, Persona needed from now on Talk to Avid Reader in Shopping District South Talk to Male Student on Practice Building 1F Obtain every trophy Do this and return to him. Avenger Knight on Floor 5 Rank MAX, 11 I Wish My Life Had Meaning Again Make Unfinished Model Finished, 12 I Wish I Was Better at Speaking Give her advice Finished, 13 I Wish I Didn’t Fear Cats Show him some cats Finished, 14 I Wish My Wallet Would Return Find her wallet Finished, 15 The Shichiri Beach Guardian Give Shichiri Guardian In Progress, 19 Tissue Distribution Agent Give everyone tissues Finished. Location: Ms. Kashiwagi, Classroom Building 1F. Feed him some Guardians (2 should be enough) 50 Acquire a High-Speed Gear Give High-Speed Gear Complete! New fusion: Asura, Talk to Hobby Shop Owner at Marutake Hobby Shop, Yosuke: “MC, will you tell me if you know the answer?” Quest 32 Complete! The Nose Doesn’t Always Know Bronze Experience a fusion accident Complete! Diligence UP (WAQ5: Why soccer instead of basketball? Talk to Avid Reader in Shopping District South, Save Abuse Quest 9 Complete! Knowledge UP Professor to Sage Knowledge UP Obtained Fishhook and Bread Crumbs, Save Abuse Sukuna-Hikona to Yamato Takeru Justice + 3 Points, Nanako: “Did you have fun?” Take these to the Shiroku Pub (the weapon shop at night) to get the Animal Paw Weapon for Teddie. Location: The same desk-obsessed student in the Practice Building 2F. You'll need to feed it a fish every day, daily, for five days. Search for Gaia Sword, Need to sell 8 Power Rocks to Daidara Justice + 2 Points, Question: What are you supposed to put on top of a kagami mochi? Obtained new skill: Third Eye, Option A, C Option A: “Tug-of-war.” Marie Understanding UP Obtained new skill: Trafuri. Talk to Younger Twin at Samegawa Riverbed, -Quest 12: I Wish I Was Better at Speaking-, Talk to Female Student on Roof (Requires Understanding Rank Generous), Option B, A, A (Requires Unknown Rank Understanding) (Unable to pick) or B New fusion: Mahakala. Magician +2 Points Expression UP, Save Abuse Accept hospital job (Requires Diligence Rank Strong). Talk to Woman With Heavy Makeup at Okina City IMPORTANT!!! Quest 63 Complete! A True Bond Bronze Max out a Social Link Complete! Location: From a woman in the South Shopping District. Feed it Inaba Trout (You can’t feed it the same fish twice), Persona Evolution Quest 51 Complete! Reward is 2 Uplifting Radio. Option C: Fall Location:  Another from Ms. Kashiwagi in the Classroom Building 1F, Reward: Magical Armor (for Yukiko) and Animal Paw (Teddie weapon). Use the Capsule Machine next to Shiroku Store Obtained 5000 Yen 8 I Wish I Didn’t Crave Snacks Give Meat Gum Complete! Seize the Moment Bronze Buy a Special Croquette from Souzai Daigaku Complete! Need at least one Guardian Book Complete! This means we will rank up next time. Obtained 2 Mystical Scarab Magician + 2 Points Obtained D-Type Prithvi, We have enough time left to help Nanako with her homework, so its your choice if you want to help her, Question: What’s the next unit of measurement up from a terabyte? Obtain a Leaf Pochette Evidence suggests it will always be a Dr. Salt NEO today. Talk to Male Student on Practice Building 1F Talk to Principal on Classroom Building 3F Option A and B, Pat the Fox’s head Talk to Photographer at Samegawa Flood Plain Talk to Younger Twin at Samegawa Riverbank Quest 21 Complete! Chat about the Cleaning Mop. I’m going for ending in a relationship, but I will put both pathways in the guide, Option B, C, B Ask Old Man about Sea Guardian. I recommend fishing for the Lady in White You can’t get two of the same stat buffs in one day, and you can’t get Expression. Rank MAX, 7 Chie Satonaka Chariot Complete! Talk to Old Woman at Samegawa Flood Plain Acquire a Silver Lump is the 33rd Quest in Persona 4 Golden. In Golden, Silver Dice appear on floors 5 through 8 and 10. WARNING!!! Sell Materials for Daidara Weapons/Armor/Accessories Talk to Refreshed Old Man at Samegawa Flood Plain Talk to Customer at Junes. Option B: “This is a nice bike.” Courage UP Expression UP Courage UP Courage UP Obtained new skill: Evade Elec, Read Easy Origami Yosuke: “H-Help, MC! Obtained new skill: Rebellion, Save Abuse if Knowledge is below Expert Feel free to spend the rest of your time doing whatever the heck you want. Obtained Lovely Witch Detective : They are materials, so don’t sell them to Daidara! Quest 57 Complete! Bad Ending 1: Option A, A; OR Option B, A Option A: Plant resin. Expression UP, Save Abuse What…?” Obtained 10000 Yen, Persona no longer needed Solution: Item required is dropped by the Selfish Basalt enemy around the Steamy Bathhouse dungeon 6F. 44 Extracurricular Activities, Part 2 Give Culurium Complete! After being defeated, it may drop the Blessed Dish … If you check the fridge, you will find some Fried Rice. Option C, Any. Talk to Older Twin at Shopping District South However, they are considered “Bonus Dungeon” quests as they will typically not become available until after you have completed the dungeon they pertain to, and thus aren’t really mandatory. She requires a Persona with a specific skill to rank up. Knowledge UP, Chie: “So…uh…We’re still alive…right?” Save all of it and don’t buy anything. Talk to Awkward Girl on Roof Dropped by Jotun of Blood on Heaven 8-9F Knowledge UP. Solution: The item you want is a drop from the Revelation Pesce enemy - found in Heaven 7F and 8F. All these quests are marked in the order they appear in the Western release of Persona 4 Golden. Obtained Melee Harihara, Chaos Fuzz on Magatsu Mandula 3F You can buy 5 a week, and it restocks on Monday. Solution: The quest name is pretty clear - buy Barrier Corn seedlings, and then plant and harvest them in your garden. Prerequisites: Must have completed Quest 18, Location: From the Avid Reader in the South Shopping District Again, Solution: Feed the cat on the Samegawa Flood Plain, Location: Old Woman NPC on the Samegawa Flood Plain. Obtained 5000 Yen, Courage UP Location: from Ms. Kashiwagi, Classroom Building 1F. The roots of ‘bridal’? 13 I Wish I Didn’t Fear Cats Show him some cats Complete! Summer Trunks You can now catch bugs as bait for fish. Obtained new skill: Full Analysis, Call from Kou Understanding UP Answer 1 is "Group A", Answer 2 is "Top 6 Flag Colors". Obtained Kung Fu Costume, Sell 10 Golden Cloths at Daidara Metalworks Obtained 5000 Yen, Question: Which famous Heian-era monk famously used a wrong version of the “(I can’t put the symbol here)” kanji? : Reload if you don’t get my stat increases. Obtained Teddie’s Apron. Diligence GREATLY UP Obtained new skill: Divine Grace, Maintain the garden 11 I Wish My Life Had Meaning Again Make Unfinished Model Accepted, 16 Desk Refurbishing Give Fitting Board Finished, 17 Extracurricular Activities Give Suspicious Pole Finished, 18 Book Exchange Give Peach Seed Finished. The side quests provide a range of rewards - many give useful battle items, while some give money, raise your social stats and unlock new weapons and books. Average to Reliable, Chie: “Do you know, MC? Enter the Velvet Room Courage GREATLY UP Understanding UP She will destroy the enemy no matter what, and you get all drops from the enemy. You will also need the Cleaning Uniform. WARNING!!! Option Any, C (Requires unknown rank Courage) (Unable to pick), Question: Do you know how Soseki Natsume translated the English phrase “I love you” into Japanese? The girl won't be there on rainy days. So, it is highly recommended that you not sell your loot until you are sure that nothing you obtained from the original dungeon can be used to complete a quest you would otherwise have to return for. TV Channels are the extra content in the game. Courage GREATLY UP Obtained Silver Scooter, Persona no longer needed Option C: “Comfort her.” Location:  The Principal, Classroom Building 3F, Reward: Understanding and Diligence stats raised, Solution: The item you need drops from the Wicked Turret enemies, commonly found on levels B7 and B8 of the Secret Lab, Location: Classroom Building 1F, from a female student. If Quest 51 is accepted, the item for Quest 47 will not drop. Understanding UP 1 Yosuke Hanamura Magician Complete! Understanding Rank Up! Bring him a Silver Lump for a radio. End Platonic: Option A or B, A, A, Option C -Quest 62: Extracurricular Activities, Part 3-. Your email address will not be published. Talk to Younger Twin at Samegawa Riverbank Feel free to buy anything else you can afford, but keep at least 50000 Yen Obtained new skill: Heat Riser. Book Finished! (1-2 hits). If you are behind on Social Links, Quests, Books, or Trophies, I recommend focusing on catching up. Talk to Old Man at Samegawa Riverbank Understanding UP Talk to Younger Twin at Samegawa Riverbank Answer the riddles correctly Complete! Persuasive to Touching Diligence UP Option B: Atlas. Solution: The item you require drops from the Constancy Relic enemy in the Secret Lab's first few floors. Envious Giant on Magatsu Mandula 6F, After fusing the requested Persona, you must leave and reenter the Velvet Room, Anzu (Mahama Lv 19) + Berith (Keep Rampage) Obtained Junes Coveralls, Talk to Man in Black at Shopping District North You earn stickers for buying from the TV, and they are needed for a quest later on. Location: Northern Shopping District, from an old man. Understanding Rank Up! Mr. Knowledge UP Location:  From Funky Student, Classroom Building 3F. Talk to Kanji at Samegawa Riverbank IMPORTANT!!! Option D: Toso. Priestess + 2 Points Acquire Some Fashionable Dishes is the 40th Quest in Persona 4 Golden. Courage UP Solution: To get the Hard Boots, sell the weapon store 5 Thick Hide materials to unlock the boots, then buy them. Option C: “I’m looking forward to Yukiko.”

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