sleep disorder conclusion essay

sleep disorder conclusion essay

Narcolepsy is another disorder of excessive sleepiness and hypersomnulence which is associated with cataplexy and other REM phenomena. This will cause lack of sleep which will bring about complaints of non-restorative sleep, sleepiness during the day or fatigue. More often than not, these cases are mistaken for some supernatural happening. However, if one has already succumbed to the sleepwalking disorder, there are many solutions to resolve this problem. Can you imagine not knowing where to sleep for the night on a daily basis?, or wearing the same clothes everyday?, worse even being unable to clean yourself and having something to eat every now and then?. Your brain get tired... Insomnia is a state where an individual experiences difficulties with their sleep. In case you fall under the middle age then stop thinking about the household things before catching your bed. There’s more that goes into sleeping than just closing your eyes and dozing off. Well, being a girl it kind of comes naturally being hormonal... Have you ever turned and tossed in bed all night long? Essay, 4 pages. Also, sleep deprivation, alcohol intoxication and unusual sleep schedules bring about the said disorder. The danger of sleepwalking can not only affect the sleepwalker but also the people around them. A sleepwalker experiences episodes where they wake up in the most unlikely places and in some cases end up in embarrassing situations. Dyssomnias are disorders which involve excessive sleepiness and are associated with disturbed sleep. All work is written to order. Loud snoring, daytime sleepiness and tiredness are common effects of sleep apnea and most people complain of hypersomnulence and loud snoring to the extent where it can be heard from outside of the house. How much sleep you need will depend on many things such as age. Having problems with the sleep cycle can lead to problems such as insomnia, narcolepsy and sleep apnea. Best Essay Writing Services to the students for three-layered essay are offered for this reason. Technological advances in the field of sleep have facilitated various theories to explain the need for and the purpose of sleep. Somnambulism or a more common term, sleepwalking, occurs mostly in children but there are cases which can last to adulthood. When the brain has trouble with the transition from non-REM to REM sleep, sleepwalking occurs. 10% of people who have narcolepsy also have a relative who also suffers from it (NHLBI). Disorders such as sleepwalking, night terrors and rhythmic movement disorders are examples of parasomnias. Some cases have the sleepwalkers run from their beds. When the brain has trouble with the transition from non-REM to REM sleep, sleepwalking occurs. Teenagers who are mostly in their fancies and dreamful life or sometimes in depression also find it hard to maintain a regular habit of sleeping and that is why get sleeping disorders of highest range. In order to prevent sleepwalking, one should get adequate sleep. Show how he does this in Measure for Measure and with what Effects, Informative Speech on Insomnia or Sleep Deprivation, Describe and evaluate explanations of insomnia, Impact of Alarm Clock on Sleep Deprivation, Diet and nutrition are major determinants of population health, Ask Writer For This is because if a person who is not taking good sleep cannot focus on the things like study which is very crucial part of the life especially when we talks about the teen years. Some cases have the sleepwalkers run from their beds. Students looking for free, top-notch essay and term paper samples on various topics. Self-induced insomnia can be the result of working night shifts (NIA). Narcolepsy is a "neurological disorder of sleep regulation that affects the control of sleep and … Generally, sleep disorders can be treated by self-care regimes such as the “Good sleep hygiene” regime. Sometimes things are easier said than done. Introduction. There are many disorders that can cause a troubled sleep; but, nightmares, Sleep disorders are conditions that effect the ability to sleep well on a regular basis. Essay, 3 pages. The more skeptical group of people believes that this was caused because that someone was possessed. Sleep disorders can cause severe health problems in any person. The last common sleeping disorder is called Narcolepsy. The cause behind narcolepsy is the lack of the chemical hypocretin (NHLBI). Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder when an individual repeatedly go through a cycle of stopping and starting breaths (Harms, 2013). Ever heard of horror stories where someone wakes up in the middle of the night, walks up to someone else or something else and acts out or mumbles? We've received widespread press coverage since 2003, Your UKEssays purchase is secure and we're rated 4.4/5 on Some sleepwalking cases can be very dangerous as they attempt things which are fatal when the conscious mind is not at play. There’s no telling how long insomnia could last. Relaxation and mental imagery are more natural techniques and can be very effective if it is carried out by an experienced behavioral therapist or hypnotist. Most people stereotype sleepwalkers to have their hands propelled out as if they were zombies and their eyes rolled back. Diet and nutrition are major determinants of population health. Medications are necessary if sleepwalker is at risk of injury, causes disruption to the family household, and other treatment option are not effective. Your body suffers and you suffer even people who come in contact with you suffer too. By the time they reach nine and 18 months the number changes to 11 to 12 hours. This general principle, which is true of any psychiatric disorder, is even more relevant for sleep disorders, because sleep is affected by a host of medical, psychological, pharmacological, environmental, and circadian factors. Depression and anxiety can cause secondary insomnia (NIA). Essay, 2 pages. Sleep is very important when trying to have good health, but sleep disorders cause many people to not get a sufficient amount of sleep. Meet a former Red Sox pitcher who picked security over an uncertain future, Trouble sleeping? The effective clinical management of all sleep disorders rests on an accurate diagnosis. For example newborn babies sleep about 16 hours. The different age groups are very much active in their hectic lifestyle in the modern time as a result of which they forget to take a sound sleep on regular basis. In order to end accidents by sleepwalking, this disorder needs to be treated. People can become addicted to sleeping pills and over time may have to increase their intake to get the desired result. Company Registration No: 4964706. The punch line for this whole situation is that there is a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation where this whole phenomenon is actually a sleep disorder; Somnambulism. These “attacks” can last anywhere from a mere 30 seconds to 30 minutes (Psychology Fourth Edition). Sleep disorders are medical disorders where the sleep patterns of a person is disrupted. People can be awaken being short of breath or have trouble staying asleep. This condition is also referred to as sleepwalking. This includes the study of human thought, development, personality, emotion, and motivation. This is to alarm the family when the sleepwalker is on the move. In order for narcolepsy to occur there are other factors that have to occur such as brain injuries or exposure to toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides and weed killers and second hand smoke (NHLBI). Free Essays from 123 Help Me | There are various different sleep disorders. As a conclusion, sleep disorders is a health issue that has become severe among university students. In order to protect the sleepwalker from the risk of injury, a safe environment should be preserved where it is free from harmful objects. Meditation and relaxation exercises help provide a tranquil and serene sense of thought. (239), 4.8 Essay, 8 pages. Relaxation and mental imagery are more natural techniques and can be very effective if it is carried out by an experienced behavioral therapist or hypnotist. If you answer is affirmative, simply take care. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep can cause one to wake up feeling tired and irritated making every day activities hard to accomplish. With some minor improvements such as a new mattress or pillows we can soon be getting a goodnights sleep. Opposing Views on Sleep; Conclusion; References; In our lives we have the necessity of sleep. Following a regular sleep schedule that includes waking up and going to sleep at the same time everyday, exercising regularly, avoiding tobacco product, alcoholic drinks, chocolate and caffeine hours before bed, large meals before bed and bright lights (NHLBI) these simple tasks can help make a difference. This habit advices that one should stick to a regular bedtime schedule, avoid napping during the day, avoid substances which contain caffeine, alcohol and nicotine and also sleeping in a surrounding where it is dark, comfortable and relaxing. Type: There are many types of sleep disorders which vary between the three broad classifications of sleep disorders. So make sure that you are having regular sleeping hours in your life. Common Sleep Disorders. And lets not forget that feeling when you’re just sad and you just feel so empty, for no apparent reason?

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