taylor swift write her own snl monologue

taylor swift write her own snl monologue

It also pokes fun at the things people notice about all of her … This was probably the only time in the history of sketch comedies that someone from Wyomissing was spoofed in a sketch by someone from Wyomissing. Kristen and Jason are a hoot as her hapless parents, and the casual inclusion of some pretty crazy moments (like a gun-toting driver and the mother hitting a guy with the car) make this even better. More power to her if that is the case. I guess maybe she had her experience and that was enough for her. Wedding Reception She’s been fitting in on SNL really well so far. sketch earlier tonight, there’s a lot of solid relatable humor here. — I do like the part with Taylor being forced to do a very stiff, unnatural laugh, and how the Hollywood Dish show eventually airs it out of context in a cruel manner during a preview of Taylor’s interview. Sorry to spam, but I forgot to say how much I enjoy the Swine Fever ad, mostly thanks to Bobby, whose guilelessness is put to perfect use. STARS: ****½, CARTER N’ SONS BBQ STARS: **, T.R.A.A.A.P.D. After mentioning how she loves baking and things that smell like winter, she also sang that she liked writing songs "about douchebags who cheat on me … so they're ashamed to go in public" when she mentions their names. It’s interesting that Taylor never has hosted or even done any real cameos since this time (she has a brief cameo in Seth Rogen’s last episode), even though she’s been an MG multiple times. As a kid who grew up watching a lot of Nickelodeon, my mind was blown when I discovered that Kenan was a cast member on this show. — This Sarah McLachlan commentary is a solid showcase for Abby, and ends up being one of the more memorable things she would do in her forgettable SNL tenure. "You might think I'd bring up Joe, that guy who broke up with me on my phone, but I'm not going to mention him," she sings. I liked Abby’s performance as Sarah McLachlan. There’s some really funny performances in the Bunny Business sketch. — Hate to say it, but a lot of Amy and Seth’s quips during tonight’s “Really?! The roommate sketch is also very good, although I don’t care for the ending – it feels a bit flat. More than anything this is a wonderful showcase for Nasim, with a real physicality and verve which shows she wasn’t just Female Cast Member Not Named Kristen Wiig #3. Required fields are marked *. Christina Ricci, Justin Timberlake), in which they say they watched the show when growing up “way back” in the days when (insert cast members from not too long ago here) were on the show, Taylor Swift goes one step further and says she used to stay up past her bedtime to watch SNL “way back” when [current cast members] Bill Hader and Andy Samberg were on the show. She also added well to the atmosphere of this episode, giving the show a fun, likable feel. — A big laugh from the “1.21 jizz-a-watts” line during the Back To The Future bit. She was in more sketches than Kristen Wiig. Nicholas Fehn once again. The singer dished on ex-boyfriends, rumored flames and — of course — Kanye West in an opening monologue  song titled, "Monologue Song (La La La).". In her most recent stint SNL’s Youtube even put up a video compiling her sketches, which led some to think she would do more. I think the most annoying part of this Update is Seth’s joke about the GOP clearly only objects to good actors having a role in politics – it’s such a cheap joke, was cheap even in 2009, and doesn’t even really make much sense in this case (Jon Voight was an acclaimed actor for a number of years). — Much like the High School Musical 4 sketch from the preceding season’s Zac Efron episode, I’ve never seen the source material this Firelight short is spoofing and I can still tell this spoof is very well-done, and I’m enjoying it a lot. I couldn’t help laughing when Taylor thanked Amy in the goodnights, remembering that a few years later we got the “a special place in hell” fiasco after Amy and Tina took a few mild jibes at her at the Golden Globes. Your email address will not be published. The most interesting part for me (and the best joke in it) is when she says she grew up watching Andy and Bill – it’s one of our first real signs of the way these years would be written in the SNL lore (basically, Andy, Bill, Kristen, Seth, and a few of their special friends). I remember some people being surprised that the sketch was still on Youtube (and still is today), but then there’s a fair amount of SNL stuff I’m half-surprised is still up. — Despite being yet another damn musical monologue, Taylor is making it very fun. MY PERSONAL CHOICE OF “BEST OF” MOMENTS FOR THIS EPISODE, REPRESENTED WITH SCREENCAPS, RATED SEGMENTS RANKED FROM BEST TO WORST Taylor started off the night on a high note (pun intended) with this hilarious monologue song that […] Just when I was enjoying everything in this sketch, we get a Kenan In A Dress alert, doing a groan-worthy take on Jennifer Hudson. Scared Straight Taylor Swift and Kate Gosselin are both from Wyomissing, PA, which is a suburb of Reading. John Milhiser). — I’ve been tolerant of Penelope’s shtick for a long time, despite its one-note nature, but it’s actually coming off fairly tiring tonight. — Funny Randy Newman impression from Fred. Taylor actually wrote her own monologue for this episode, which is super rare for hosts to do, unless they’re doing stand up or something. Parks and Rec had already debuted earlier this same year, in April. This hairstyle doesn’t flatter Andy at all but I guess he will be shifting to his more professional style (which he has mostly kept since) soon enough…. “This was probably the only time in the history of sketch comedies that someone from Wyomissing was spoofed in a sketch by someone from Wyomissing.”. This hits even more nowadays when watching this during a certain pandemic going on in our current times. Taylor appeared in a Californians sketch at the 40th anniversary special, I think. Carter (BOM) N’ Sons BBQ restaurant regrets its “swine fever” ad campaign, — Very funny conceit with this innocent “Swine Fever”-themed commercial coming off very unfortunate when airing during the Swine Flu epidemic at this time in 2009. The Film ‘Top Gun’ Caught The Attention of The Dept. I wonder if they had someone who could have played Kanye at that point in time if they would have done a bit in which he “interrupted” a sketch Taylor was in. STARS: ***, ROOMIES MUSICAL PERFORMANCE That girl worked her ass off this week. — Yet another sketch appearance tonight from the omnipresent Andy Samberg. Really good episode–I had lowish expectations going in, but Taylor was a fine host and the show avoided doing too many puff pieces or simplistic “playing herself” type parts. Hollywood Dish anchors (BIH) & (KRW) elicit desired responses from host, — The first appearance of this occasionally-appearing recurring sketch. I’m still getting some laughs, though. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube! The song took jabs at Joe Jonas and Kanye West. — An overall mostly fun sketch, but it went on a little too long, and the Kenan-in-drag bit was a poor way to end this. This Update outside of Abby has a heavy claptor-ish feel which never wears that well – I do enjoy parts of the “Really?” but as it goes on and on the humor really saps into stridency. — There goes Bill’s now-obligatory character break when Kenan and the host gang up on him in these Scared Straight sketches.

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