thesis statement examples for christianity

thesis statement examples for christianity

0000043890 00000 n 0000043959 00000 n Tolkien: Fantasy Literature as a Means of Edification for the Mind and Heart, A Look at Revival in the Context of Josiah’s Revival and the First Great Awakening in Northampton, The Kingship of Christ as a Model for Leadership: A Study in the Pastoral Epistles, Not Good to be Alone: The Role of the Local Church in Reaching the Lonely and Isolated, Called Out of the World and Into Vocation: Reformed Contributions to a Theology of Vocation as responses to Roman Catholic and Anabaptist Traditions, Seek First the Kingdom: A Framework for Vocation in Light of the Kingdom of God, Little Ones and the Lord’s Supper: A Third Way, The Doctrine of the Church in the Writings and Life of Carl F. H. Henry, Paul’s Athens Address as a Cross-Cultural Missions Paradigm Containing Both Bridge-Building and Critique, A Historical Review of Catechesis: Development, Use, and Disuse, Revelation and the Suffering Church: The Tribulation, Kingdom, and Perseverance, Which Are in Christ Jesus, The Source of Hope: A Textual and Literary Exploration of Lamentations 3 in MT & Codex B, The Book of Jonah: Revealing the Attributes of God, Design Thinking for Mission: A Framework for Agile Contextualization, The Pursuit of Happiness and Man’s Greatest Good in Augustine’s Theology of Love and John Piper’s Christian Hedonism: An Analysis, A Theology of Union: What it Means to Belong to God, In Christ, Language: Obstacle and Opportunity an Examination of the Phenomenon of Human Language and the Church’s Approach to the Multitude of Languages Present in the World, Money and Possessions: Fundraising Ministry in the Already-Not Yet, The Temple of God and the Early Christian Church, Translating the Bible: The Case for a Mediating Approach, The Oneness Theology of the United Pentecostal Church International as Articulated by David K. Bernard, Intra-Trinitarian Love as an Essential Teaching Within Pastoral Ministry: A Potential Deterrent to Man-Centeredness, Preaching the Gospel in the Light of the Covenants, What it Means to Be Hospitable: Paul’s Commands in Light of His Mediterranean Context, Covenants and the Eschatological Kingdom of God, Unto the Thousandth Generation: The Evangelical Importance of an Eschatology That Embraces Suffering for Christ, Missiological Necessity of the Charismata, Vocational Participation an Ethical Paradigm in the Narrative of Genesis, Diversity in Public Worship: A Biblical Understanding of the Regulative Principle, Living in the Tension: An Exploration of Common Grace in the Dutch Calvinist Tradition, The End-Time Kingdom of God: A Biblical Theological Approach to Evangelism, The Importance of the Noahic Covenant and It’s Function as the Basis of Creation Care, Working Women on Mission: Engagment and Edification in the Church, Maintaining a Biblical Perspective on the Role of Chaplains in the Effective Care and Healing of Hospital Patients, The Christian’s Identity in Christ: A Framework for Pastoral Ministry, Good Neighbors: The Strategic Role of the Church in Relation to Culture and Public Issues, For We Offer to Him His Own: Eucharist and Malachi in the New Testament and Early Church, The Need for Meditation on Scripture: To Fashion the Christian Mind and Form a Biblical Worldview, Understanding the Infant Baptism in the Covenant Community of God’s People, The Healthy Pastor: A Holistic Approach to Pastoral Training, The Meaning of Matthew 18:17b in its Historical and Literary Context and its Application in the Church Today, A Biblical Response to the Healthcare Debate, Proclaiming Christ in a Post-Christian Culture, The Chronology of Major Eschatological Events in Chapters 4 to 19 of Revelation, A Theology of Business: A Reformed Perspective on the Basis and Application of Christian Ethics in Business, Pastor Polygamists: Biblical Counsel for the African Church, Corporate Prayer in the Book of Acts: Lessons for the American Chruch, A Tri-perspectival Approach to an Ethic of the Use of Material Possessions, Classical and Christian Paideia According to Saint Chrysostom, Sait Basil, and Saint Augustine, The Biblical Means to Freedom From Habitual Sin, A Theological Anthropology Towards Understanding the Origin of and Need For Community, Segregated Sunday: Issues and Possibilities for a United Church, Piercing Through the Veil: The Eucharistic Doctrine of Edward Pusey, From Filthy Whore to Spotless Bride: Marriage, Infidelity, Divorce and Reconciliation as Metaphor in the Latter Prophets, Only That Which is Good Can Be Evil – Augustine on Evil As Privatio Bono, Outward and Ordinary Means of Grace: How Those Means Are Effectively Communicated to God’s People, Art as Originating in the Image of God in Man and the Cultural Mandate.

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