wgbh logo font

wgbh logo font

Logot Logos is Company and Business Brand Logo Gallery site. Trivia: The logo was designed by design firm Chermayeff & Geismar, of which has also designed for NBC, PBS, Showtime, Univision, Viacom & Screen Gems, among others. The logo then plays the full theme with an announcer saying "You're watching WGBH 2, Boston. Editors Note: A great evolution of the branding for the digital age of public broadcasting. A version has been seen with abridged animation, no voice-over, and slightly lower-pitched music on Design Squad. Availability: The station ID is extinct, and only a photo of it survives on Logopedia. Logo: Here are the main versions of this logo: Trivia: Their slogan up to 1982 was "Public Television. Was only used as a sign off ID (and possibly a sign on ID). The logo flashing. Availability: Very common, quite possibly the most common PBS logo you can find, and can be seen in its various versions on WGBH-produced shows before the rebrand to GBH, such as NOVA, Frontline, American Experience, Masterpiece Theatre, The Victory Garden, and Arthur, among others. As this happens, a spotlight turns on behind it, illuminating "GBH". FX/SFX: Unknown for the station ID, but the production variant is an in-credit logo, which sometimes wipes in from top to bottom. There is a "ping" as the logo flashes and a drumbeat afterwards. Also seen with affiliate stations in a black typeface on the bottom of the logo. Some episodes also feature the logo with a. September 30, 1991-December 25, 1992: The first part of the theme of the show as Lynne Thigpen says "Today's caper is presented by WQED Pittsburgh and WGBH Boston". And the unmusical "music" is a recipe for disaster. It's better than ever.". However, it's a favorite of many due to its usage on classic shows. Editor's Note/Scare Factor: None to low; due to zoom-out animation and (sometime) eerie background. Nicknames: "WGBH outline", "The Flash", "Neon Sign". Music: Unknown, but there may be an announcer. This can be seen on most pre-2005 episodes of, There is a later variant of the 2001 version of the logo in which the logo zooms in a bit as it's being drawn. Availability: No longer current. The "Boston Presents" version made its debut on the NOVA episode "Hitler's Secret Weapon", and it can be found on video and may also show up on WGBH shows produced from 1977-1993 if your station has older prints; the original unabridged version can be seen on videocassettes and DVDs of their 1979 miniseries The Scarlet Letter, all of which also preserve the 1971 PBS logo, and also appears on earlier prints of Cathedral. Availability: Extremely rare, as programming from this era is usually no longer rerun.

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