why is the sig 550 banned

why is the sig 550 banned

This is true. Current Weapons Grandfathered In"Assault weapons" possessed as of October 1, 2013 will be "grandfathered" in, meaning that if you already own a weapon that would be banned by the Firearms Safety Act, you can continue to possess and transport it. But the “why” is interesting here. The Swiss Arms debacle should be a core reason for bill C-68 to be repealed. But many people believe that alot of laws are just an unneeded  invasion of our privacy. In order to check out, enable browser cookies and refresh the page. After all once I buy the gun I own the gun. In order to check out, enable browser javascript and refresh the page. I plan on calling the BAFT and talking to a field agent to discuss the exact topic at length. Because the SG-550 is a prohibited firearm, the RCMP must conform to the firearms act and list them as a variant of a named prohibited firearm. Cal. The 2-1 decision comes as a serious blow to the restrictive gun law, and could lead to lawmakers eventually overturning or amending the restrictions. There as been an update this week, which is still developing as I write this. None of the others comes close. DSA's imported thumbhole stocked, neutered flashhider SIG 550 is an example. FRT # 119587 Swiss Arms Black Special Alternately, two court applications are being put together by Ed Burlew. It's Swiss. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Kern 4x24/Dr. Because the SG-550 is a prohibited firearm, the RCMP must conform to the firearms act and list them as a variant of a named prohibited firearm. One is a class action for reimbursement from the RCMP, similar to how the Type 97 was bought back. Its true that the gun can be fitted with a large magazine, but it does not come with one. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va. voted (10-4) to uphold Maryland's Firearms Safety Act, stating that the banned firearms are not protected by the Second Amendment of the United States. FRT # 119485 Swiss Arms Red Devil If a gun is in question then isnt it a matter of comparing the guns official name and model to the list of banned guns ( that are named by manufacturer and the official model of the gun). It appears your browser does not have javascript enabled. Most government employees who make the decisions about enforcement as well as how the regs apply dont have a clue about what they are actually dealing with. I just need another lower to turn mine into a 550 clone, I dumped the stupid fish gill handguards really fast for a set of green 550 ones. That automatically makes it nicer than any other AK derivative. Ive have heard about people driving across state lines to buy or sell firearms on a person to person transaction in order to avoid the need for an FFL dealer and/or avoid a paper work trail of any kind. UPDATE: On February 21st, 2017 the 4th U.S. Consider what this classification means at its most basic level: These rifles, in the same category as AK-47s, have been freely owned and shot for the past 12 years, and now the majority of them aren’t even registered. It appears your browser does not have cookies enabled. If the rifle is marked as a Sig 550 on the receiver, it would be a Prohib under Canadian Law and only someone with a Prohib class, 12(5) marked license can buy it in Canada. Moderators:Will Durant, Moderator, StMarieSwissProducts, Parashooter, Pierre.theswissriflesdotcommessageboard, Swiss Products.theswissriflesdotcommessageboard, Pierre St Marie, Carlos diaopter, RockportRifle, Guisan, newtoswiss. Maryland State Police have shared this form for any weapon owners who wish to have their firearm's status reviewed. Yes, I do consider the 550 a loose derivative of the AK. At this time, the ruling does not affect the information presented above. Canada has not spent a decade stricken with gun violence because these firearms were on the street. It does not say SIG 550, or SIG PE 90, or anything else that I know of. I’ll do my best to update this blog as more legal challenges inevitably arise. You can read the original emails here. The rifle, regardless of model designation, is ban from import to the US because it is foreign produced and considered non-sporting. FRT # 119588 Swiss Arms Heavy Metal What Weapons are Prohibited in the State of Maryland Simple example, someone in the USA needed SIG 210 magazines and my person as well as the recipient were legal to own these so I shipped them with a correct filled in customs declaration form to get them back  from the customs about 4 months later with just a warning - because it was a first time case- that the needed export and import permit forms were missing. UPDATE: On February 2nd, 2016, a federal appeals court ruled that a lower court was wrong when it upheld Maryland's Firearm Safety Act. Now that they have been: the RCMP can clearly see that they are actually SG-550 variants rather than SG540 variants as was initially claimed. The second is a Superior Court (Divisional Court Application) challenging the reclassification decision itself. I understand that both Canada and the USA are trying to control what crosses the borders. It boils down to I just dont know . Here are the updated sections of federal firearms regulations. Barrister and Solicitor This is a function of its design (ability to accept double stack high capacity magazines, separate pistol grip etc.) We could certainly blame The Shooting Edge’s tattletaling, or the RCMP’s incompetence, or the Calgary Shooting Center’s over-zealousness, or Swiss Arm’s own blindness. Isnt the question what the manufacturer says about the gun and what is on paperwork about the gun. Restrictions are also placed on detachable magazines with a capacity larger than 10 rounds. The Swiss Arms Debacle clearly shows us that banning a gun based on its name or looks has no effect on public safety. Its common practice that most of government enforcement of regulations comes down to what the paperwork says. Another issue that is closely related is exactly what gun parts/components can be imported and/or brought into the USA. And why I can still find AK-47’s for sale in So. Carlos diaopter wrote:You would still need at least a Canadian Firearms license to legally purchase any firearm in Canada, unless it is an antique, or you go through a dealer licensed in both countries. Therefore, the hand guards will be shorter as well. Sig5XX rifles are banned, but thankfuly Sig renamed a bunch the "SCM" so we can get them. After all there are alot of people in the USA that feel that the governments is to controlling and that we have the right to arms via the US constitution.......and alot of people do not want the governments to know anything more than they already know about the citizens of the USA......its similar to buying at a gun show with a handshake and money exchange and nothing more. I work with the government all of the time. FRT # 129006 Swiss Arms Black Special Carbine Or is the law somehow set up where a gun cannot go across the Canada/ USA border by its owner. The message board is dedicated to the arms and equipment carried by Swiss soldiers over the last century and a half. Ill check with the owner but I believe that this is the only designation on the rifle. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday the addition of "assault-style" weapons to the list of prohibited Firearms in Canada. FRT # 119484  Swiss Arms Edition. Sales of Detachable MagazinesIn addition to the ban of weapons, the Firearms Safety Act makes it illegal to manufacture, sell, offer for sale, purchase, receive, or transfer a detachable magazine that has a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition for a firearm. And more expensive. Anyways, the Beretta AR70 is essentially an Italian SIG 550. Foreign produced non-sporting rifles can only be imported for LEO and/or government agency use...or as approved sales samples for such entities. Im asking simply because I am not familiar with the laws that cover gun  or gun parts moving across the borders of Canada and the USA. The SIG 550 is very finely machined. If you can buy it chance are it will be confiscated upon your return to your side of the boeder without proper import papers. Thornhill, Ontario. Of course. But I’d argue that the real problem here is the firearms act itself. I … FRT # 119482 Swiss Arms Classic Green That's why we've assembled a guide to help understand what weapons are banned in the state of Maryland. Sign up for exclusive offers from TacticalGear.com. If the SIG rifle is not designated as a 550, or PE 90, but instead is a different model then the US government may well consider it a sporting rifle of some kind.

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