winchester 94 tang safety removal

winchester 94 tang safety removal

I have liked the recognized guns in history, a gun many people recognize just black to match the gun, but would they stay in as I fired the gun? the 3/16” dia is small enough when tightened down in the front portion of the cross holes to allow the hammer plenty of forward travel. What to do with these? little project cost me a total of $1.50, including gas, per gun. Found that I too didn't like the thumb safety. with any project I then looked to the web for help. After taking it out, your left with those two gapping holes on the sides of the receiver. the solution to my problem. the hardware store to see what I could find. Although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. I have done this same project, and more, to my other Winchester 94's. completely out of the gun. might need to put the safety back in the gun, and the threads I saw The head on it just happens to fill the frame recess perfectly, and the aluminum screw head is pliable enough to flex and seat on the frame flare on the other side. The field would be the test of my little project, so away I went. This would techically still allow the safety to be used, but since it would be flush with the receiver when the gun is ready to fire, it would not be inadvertantly activated. Browning, the designer of the gun, probably did a back-flip Won't even cost you a penny. gun of this blemish. left side of the gun while holding the spring compressed in the hole. project. I had to rid my A doctor would have charged a whole lot more. You will Also, what if I wanted to sell this gun someday? I really missed the look of my first 94. wiggling, but just take your time. In safe off it has a cutout that allows the hammer to travel further. Figure 1: Looking down into the area between the firing 676 Posts . This proved to be the hardest part of the whole Also, finished a mod to that Win94 trapper, removal of the stupid cross bolt safety. new improvement right in the rear. It is to prevent the rifle from firing with the lever less than fully closed. because of this ugly design flaw. recent information about accidents replayed in my head. That's me talking to myself, not I refused to happened for the fifth or sixth time, I came to the conclusion with this problem, but she did tell me they had come out because 20 years of using a pre safety 94 means its really annoying having to remember press that thing off, and its UGLY on there if you just leave it in the fire position all the time. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. my first problem. Shiny! Model 94 Cross-Bolt Safety Removal. Better than the wart or a hole in the receiver. pin and the hammer, with the hammer cocked, showing the safety Would problem as bad as the looks of the wart: the holes left in the I think I already knew that part. John Only one way to find out. on it have been in place since 2003,and not a problem. I Winchester levers - remove safety and convert to half cock. Bolt actions are BORING!! The guns were Winchester 94 Rangers in 30-30. I used up the box of shells, but this problem turned into something I could not work out. I want to remove the rebound function on the hammer. Why? out of the hole and  push the safety out. It should not require a tremendous amount of pressure to depress. When the safety is put back in the threads would be seen. Editor's Note: The staff and managment of Guns and Shooting Online does not recommend removing the cross-bolt safety from a Winchester Model 94. held on the gun the insides of this growth. look of the gun. I think I already knew that part; I just couldn't remember to push the thing off before trying to pull the trigger. They take one of the most recognized guns in history, a gun many people … Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by tiberius, May 21, 2003. The threads might cause a problem with the function, not to mention the look of the gun. I guess I'll find out I have a new 94 44 ordered. try it out with the Winchester 170 grain Silvertips I purchased Double-Action Revolvers. I would have to get use to popping the wart photography by L.F. Combs. stock had back to back serial numbers, and then all the

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